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Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 02:06:57

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Hi,wanting to gift back still more to the game that brings me lots of fun, I am announcing the Warlympics, that in the end I will gift the most Michael Phelps participant of the Warlympics with a Membership.
Members will be allowed to play and gift the membership to the player of their choosing.

I will use features that I would like to see in Warlight, and the biggest change is about the speed, because i think tournaments here are the most slow paced stuff in online gaming ever, and they easily make people loose interest because of that. Also forcing fast and/or Live boot times in the most games is something I always wanted, and will gift people that have more time for playing (kind in a way they deserve more because they can give more gameplay back to the community).
Also, I will plan all events considering the possibility that the expected finishing time of all events will be of 1 month, with an absolutely deadline of 45 days. It will be very fast.

In this tournament I will add many new features to the usual gameplay. And for the first time we will have something of a currency that will enhance your chances to winning the membership. This details will be explained shortly.

As you may know this event is based on the Olympics, and each event will have a totally new gameplay having some resemblemce with specific Olympic events.

This events I have made templates for so far:

1. Warlympics Canoeing
2. Warlympics Swimming 50m
3. Warlympics Athletics 100m
4. Warlympics Athletics 400m Hurdles
5. Warlympics Athletics 1500m
6. Warlympics Athletics 5000m
7. Warlympics Athletics Triple Jump
8. Warlympics Athletics Hammer Throw
9. Warlympics Archery
10. Warlympics Rowing Single Sculls
11. Warlympics Rowing Double Sculls
12. Warlympics Rowing Coxless Pairs
13. Warlympics Rowing Coxless Four

Many many more are to come, I think by next weekend (that is when I hope the tournament to start) I can have 60 to 80 templates ready for the Warlympics.

This thread is not a Registration thread neither it will explain Warlympics in detail, I will create another thread fully explaining the rules, possible with an external link, because the information will be vast. It will be done by the end of next week.

So, going back to the currency of this tournament. As you may see we will have lots of events. All of them will be pretty limited in the number of players, and you wont of course be able to play all.

So each person that register in the warlympics may choose a certain number of events among all the 60-80 possible. Every player (with prereqs TBD) will be allowed mostly likely to participate in 10 events. To this number the player can receive more invitations to play in more events if:
1. He is a Tester of the Templates
2. He is aa Organizer
3. He is a Template/Map Maker(for the warlympcs)
4. He is a Member (because buying a membership is awesome)

Players like jsa and x are helping me with all above, and will be allowed to play in the most number of events.

So, if you help me with this events you will considerably enhance your chances of gaining medals and therefore the membership, because this is the monetary value i add by your compromises to the community.

Now I ask to come forward ONLY the players that want either to help to Test or to be an organizer. I maybe dont use all of players, but i will give more invites to everyone that make compromises.


As a final statment, I would like to say that i think i have some experience by creating some "succesfull" events like the Nations Cup, the Peoples-Choice and WPA rankings. What I can say from testing the Templates is that Warlympics will be probably the best Tournament of all, and I woudnt just say that.

I hope we can have some fun in the next several weeks.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 04:03:14

Master ARC 
Level 57
:D 5K
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 07:23:37

Level 58
This is going to be good
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 07:35:45

Level 56
If you need more help, I'd be glad to help you.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 09:09:19

Level 58
I will be a tester, but I don't know what an organiser does, so I cannot say if I can do that or not.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 09:12:15

Level 57
Very nice idea :P
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 09:21:07

Level 26
ill be a tester! The idea of different sporting events with different tasks seems great!
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 10:20:42

Level 60
Sounds great :)
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 10:50:27

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
i have a few templates which could be good for some events:

where would you like me to post them?
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 10:56:01

Level 57
If you need help, i'm here.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 11:10:10

Level 49
I could help with testing and organizing a bit if you still need someone. Don't know yet if I will actually take part in the games themselves because I'm playing in so many already. Probably depends on when the whole thing will actually start.
Oh and the most obvious template that's missing is the Warlympics marathon: 24 Player FFA USA big, one starting territory each. :P
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 11:23:46

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
well we have the marathon then ^^
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 13:38:02

dunga • apex 
Level 57
This is the list of the finished templates only, as I said there will be up to 80 events.

Marathon and Cycling Road Race Will be 24 Players FFAs yes, still thinking in the format an on the map. In the Road Race for example, diplomacy will be highly suggested.

I will try to explain in details what organizers can do.

1. All events have their own particular rules and micro-adjust the final settings. I will need to have a Team to make finishing Tests to write the final rules and set the final settings. If I end up doing it all will take a lot longer, and its things easy to manage. Also i can keep going back to make every little test of every event, in the end this team will work a little bit without me to save time.

2. Organizers that are members can also helping creating some of the templates. I just ask to you to TALK to me before doing, because for many of them i have the whole settings in my mind already, so lets talk about it to trade ideas. Of course I dont need to talk about the ones I am creating, because the work being done is having very good results, and also we need to be straight forward.

3. Spreadsheets, sites, texts, lists and etc. There will be some work needed to and we will need to have documents to keep track of everything.

Here we really will need lots of organizers. Every event will need to have an Official Organizer (we need many different ones) as Refree, that will create the games, explain the rules, calculate scores, force-finish games in the deadlines and announce the final results. Some events will be played LIVE (dont worry that you will have 4 to 12 hours windows to make your play in LIVE events) so the organizer will have to be all the time of the event on it. Two players can also share organizing the same event if they want save time in a way.

And about the testers, as I said before, I wont be able to use all of you, and I will use a experience/skill criteria, as well of personal experience with the players to choose testers.
I am thinking in 2 full chat games of testers and organizers. If you end up not being used you will get more events invitations just for being willing.
I will be add you all in the test chat room in a few hours.

Also i will put some players as "2nd in command" (more than one), so the testing and everything else can go on without me when I am not available for some period.
I can say that x is already one of this players.

Tonight i will put in here 3 to 5 templates as a teaser.
Also I forgot to tell that some events WONT ALLOW THE TESTERS TO PLAY in the real event, because knowing a few tweaks would really be unfair to other players. So I will divide the events in OPENED TESTING (knowing the template wont give you advantages) and CLOSED TESTING (where the tester wont be able to play in the warlympics). We will need to have a spreadsheet of the testers of CLOSED TESTINGs.

Lets go folks, make this event a real big deal.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 13:45:40

Level 46
I'll test
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 15:09:40

Level 58
The official Warlympics map has been completed on time and under-budget.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 15:24:36

Level 58
OK, I think I'm not going to be an organiser, but i'll test all open tested games, and any low scoring non tester games.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 17:48:29

Level 63
I can organize, just set up a game with me dunga. Thanks.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/12/2012 23:11:24

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Hi, to give you a taste of whats to come, with 17 templates ready, and with many more prototypes awaiting Warlympics map to finish; here it is 5 templates i will made public for you see what you will be able to expect in the warlympics with still much more to go.

Boxing Lightweight

Boxing Welterweight

Boxing Middleweight

Boxing Heavyweight

Athletics 1500m

The members already get this advantage of being able to play this templates, so non member will have to play with their member friends.

Hope you like it this first peek of the warlympics.

And tomorrow expect to see amazing things in this thread.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/13/2012 00:03:44

{rp} hay 
Level 37
Looks like fun, great idea
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/13/2012 00:29:56

Level 59
I can test. I don't mind organizing one or two events.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/13/2012 17:25:21

Level 59
These events are a lot of fun and a nice change from the regular warlight games...Some are nearly all luck giving anyone a chance to win them but some of them are all about skill too...They offer a wide variety of games and they all end much quicker than regular warlight games.

So basically what I'm trying to say is that this was a great idea dunga! And you are also doing a great job designing the templates! Keep up the good work!
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/14/2012 14:26:56

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Just to want you guys know that probably today the hex grid will be ready and for the next days about 10 new events will be add to testing each day.

For some of the events i will need lots of testers more playing live.
So I think we still have too few for just testing, and for increasing considerably the chances of a free membership.

By tomorrow i can present to you Warlympics Football and Warlympics volleyball, for which i need at least 8 live players to play on it.

If you are curious of how is possible to play volleyball and football in warlight plz sign for testing, is really fun, it really is a new thing and so far NONE of the players that tested didnt like at least one or more of the events. Its not time consuming and you will only play when available.

Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/14/2012 15:27:52

dunga • apex 
Level 57
and for example, i just finished a 4x100m medley, 4x100m freestyle, 4x400m freestyle for swimming and a rowing coxless fours and i wasnt able to test yet.

maybe would be cool if the clans realized that team events will be very important in the medals table that will decide the membership winner. Maybe you could go ahead testing and training for the real thing.
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/14/2012 15:34:37

[P]layer_rxb (retired)
Level 8
I'd be happy to test as well. I always enjoy a new idea and am grateful for anyone putting in this time and effort to create something fun for everyone, so thanks dunga
Warlympics - Announcement and a Membership Prize: 8/14/2012 15:49:46

Level 49
Yep, just doing the little bit of testing I did has convinced me. You've had some very cool ideas here dunga!
Sign me up pls. =)
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