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Poland Big Ver. 1.5 Testing: 8/11/2012 02:00:21

Level 50
I have adopted the Poland Big by rashaz for correction. Previews are:

Current Version (1.4): http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=1465
New Version (1.5): http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=15396
Poland Big Ver. 1.5 Testing: 8/12/2012 23:07:41

Matma Rex 
Level 12
I, for one, dislike the change in bonuses. The way they were set up distiguished this map from all others, now they're IMO overcomplicated.

The Coast was overpowered, though.
Poland Big Ver. 1.5 Testing: 8/13/2012 02:42:15

Level 19
Completely agree with everything Matma said.

Were there any other changes? I looked, but didn't notice anything else. Can you point out what else was modified?
Poland Big Ver. 1.5 Testing: 8/13/2012 03:11:03

Level 50
Fixed the shape of Powiat Wloclawski.
Powiat Bielski and Powiat Cieszynski Connected.
Powiat Milicki assigned to Dolnoslaskie and removed from Wielkopolskie.
Powiat Elblaski and Powiat Ilawski unconnected.
Powiat Swidnicki name changed to Powiat Swidwinski
Poland Big Ver. 1.5 Testing: 8/13/2012 16:43:26

Level 53
only one coast bonus is needed plus the cities including the big territory bonus are pointless.
Poland Big Ver. 1.5 Testing: 8/13/2012 18:34:04

Level 50
The Poland cities of Poland bonuses are pointless as well. I disagree with all bonus changes you've made. Please, make any changes you want, but keep the bonuses as they were, they were the only thing distinguishing this map from all the others!
Poland Big Ver. 1.5 Testing: 8/13/2012 19:06:51

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
I don't mind the changes in the bonus structure as it still keeps its unique feature.

Now, Why did you make some worth 2/city, 3, and 4? Why not consistent?
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