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Batch Code Talk !: 5/19/2014 23:39:50

Level 58
Welcome New Guest !

I know CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby, Python. I am Now Taking Over C# , C++ , Pascal, Haskell, Perl..

I know a Few Resources like the Mozilla Developer Center, StackExchange and the Microsoft Help Center.

-> http://www.microsoft.com/Language/

Translate Technic English Terms into your language to Feel More Conformable and Make Better

I am Using PDF Books :

Batch File Programming From Mr.Cracker.
Windows Command Line From Vic Laurie.

Some of my Favorite Sites are :

Js1k -> You can Find Many Interesting Code.

CodeCademy -> There's Many Groups to Join and it's possible to Get to Other Resources By Asking the Community.

Microsoft -> Good Help Center for Developers.

Project Euler -> Solve Mathematical Problems

Box2D -> Useful Engine to Make 2D Games. Used by Many Successful Developers.

http://www.jsdb.io/ => All Jquery Librairies

Node.js -> Run JavaScript on Browser

Mashape -> Put Many APIs Together

Box -> Free Cloud Storage

PasteBin -> Save Text. No Need to Log In. Everything is stored for ever.

PDF3D -> View 3D PDFs

CADS -> Computer-Aided-Design => Many Free Cads. Auto-Generates Paper. Some are *Real-Time* Simulation. You can afterwards call a company to Build your Object for an affordable price.

NetCat -> Useful Utility

Total Commander -> A smart File Manager Utility

Ollydg -> Useful Utility

Duck Duck Go -> Alternative Search Engine Without Alexa Rank System used by Google and protects your privacy.

Wolfram Bar => Knowledge !

Small *Personal* Sites => Personal Sites Often Hold Valuable Information.
The Owner built the Site by itself and he shares his publications along with the resources he uses.

JSTOR, Google Books, Project Gutenberg, Xarviv -> Free Books to Read Online. You May Find Some Rare Publications.

Those Sites are Useful For the Publication of Material

NotePad ++ -> For Programmers.

MikTex -> Much Better than your usual Text Processor.


I just Learnt that there's *Companies* that Allow you to Make How Much Sites You Want Without Any Builder Tools.

Very Convenient if you want to have as less matters to think on as possible.

I will soon develop a Site For Friendly Talk and Resource Sharing.

I'm Learning Batch Code as it can be used to Automate any Task on Computer Efficiently. If you can keep your WorkPlace Clean and Create Simple Automation Scripts, you are nearer to become a Programmer.

Many of those *Utilities* that Cost over 500$ can be easily made over a few nights With Programming.

Challenge :

Make a Batch Script in *Windows* :

It will make a Message Pop-Up on Your Screen Before Log-In Time.

The Message Will contain the Current Date, your User Name and a Note.

The Note Should be Easily Editable with the Batch Script.

The User Should be Prompted the Every End of the Week to Make a New Note.

Tips :

You are allowed to Make a Collection of Batch Scripts !

You may need to use Windows Services like shtsk.exe (Schedule Task)


Regedit (Change the Behavior of your Computer to Have a Message Before Log-In).

Search in the appropriate Registry Section. Current User -> Windows or Local Machine.

If You are not Experienced with Registry, use online resources like howtogeek : top 50 registry hacks.

Goal :

Make Weekly Notes as Reminders that Will Pop Up Before Log on.

Prize :

Your code and your name will be featured in my *Site*.

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Batch Code Talk !: 5/19/2014 23:41:16

Level 58
Formatting Power Coming !
Batch Code Talk !: 5/21/2014 09:16:36

Level 56
Is there a deadline? I've done something very similar in that past but I can't work on it this week due to stupid amounts of work.
Or is it just a race?

Edit: Well, it seems I'm not going to have the time. Sorry.

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Batch Code Talk !: 5/21/2014 22:05:45

Level 58
No deadline. I'm slowly Working Out How to Host Sites. I know a little PHP but I never worked with a Server. It's new to me.

Even if there is some Companies that *give* you a very small server with limited capacities, just enough for personal uses, it still takes time to give them all the information they might want to make sure their server will be used *correctly* without taking more than the allowed resources or host illegal activities.

Creating a Consistent attractive site may take a more than a month to develop.


As for deadlines,

Once my site will be up, it will be very likely that the submission period will last three weeks as I am *a* Working Man.

I'll make multiple different contests for convenience at the same time. The number of contests will range from 2 to 4 to please everyone.


The Criterias for Top Submission are *Elegance*, Originality and Creativity.

Definitions :

Elegance :

Good written code. Follows the General Conventions of Programming. Well-Formatted.

Adding Comments to Explain Parts of Your Code Can Give you a few Points.

Originality :

Your own work. You are using your solution (method) to achieve the task.

Creativity :

Optional criterias like aesthetics, ease of use or refining your work by adding functions to your code not required by the task.

Example for the current task :

The batch code is well documented.

It is explained what are the services you are calling and what is the method you are using to achieve different goals.

The User Creates Notes Through a Good Looking System Window.

The User Has a Few Layouts of Notes Available.

The User Can Upload a Custom MP3 to Play Before Log-In.

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Batch Code Talk !: 5/21/2014 22:51:03

Level 58
I hope it was a satisfying answer !


About My site :

I'm making a Site as a Personal Home, for Sharing Work and as a Portal to Common Resources.

I'm finding that Being the Owner of a Site *can* be a great experience.

Working hard to make Good Sites and Interacting with Visitors by Answering their Question on the Site or either through the Administrator Mailbox are two Aspects that Gave me the Idea of Building a Site.

Personally, I never had the chance to know a WebMaster. And Sadly, everyone I know *are* Using Popular SOCIAL NETWORKS (mainly) Facebook.

They are too lazy to build a Site which can take less than an hour and half if you just want to build a Blog site with a Few Pages and a Place to Host Your Photos.

Hosting a Site With Actual Traffic Requires using a Service You Pay For. It Can cost around 10$ to 20$ per Month if you don't use your Server as an Active Database (if you were by Example Offering Real Time Services on your Site) which is not much considering how much you pay for your daily needs.

I may try to Get into Some *Site Owner Community*. There's many Communities of this type that can provide tips and help your site conform to common standards for accessibility.

Gathering some Visitor Base will be Hard.


There are Open-Source Content *Management* FrameWork like Drupal and Joomla. Some Research Needs to be Done For Later Use. As for Now, I'll try to Make a Starter Site using a Free Service to Get Used to Site Managing and learn before I make my Final Choice on the Company that Will Host my Site.

WordPress Sites are Used By Many Major Industries and a few Web Designers...

There's too many FrameWork. Some Advertise themselves as not requiring any Code.

FrameWorks May Have their Uses but it seems to me that they are for lazy people. It's actually more interesting to build a site from scratch and you have control over the Security.

Using FrameWorks is not a widespread practice but I am Wondering how many Sites are Made Using Them.

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