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Zombie Survival FFA: 5/23/2020 21:15:25

Master HFG
Level 55
I used to be a diplo player in the old days, but I tend to find them a bit boring now.

I don't actually like rules in my game. Any type of immersion is far more valuable in my eyes, if it is created through strategic necessary (gameplay point) rather than a set of written rules all players agree to maintain. While I am not against such rules in principle, I always try to find new methods to come up with new kinds of scenarios that do not make use of roles.

My latest creation is a "zombie" survival scenario.
For every player there is an AI, all AIs are teamed up to simulate the zombie threat.
Whoever manages to survive the longest or ends up defeating all other survivors claims victory.


This template actually uses dense fog, but allows players to scout and see through the fog in certain areas using the recon cards. They last much longer than normal, so that players can actually reveal the map over time.

There are no "rules" that try to force the players to act in certain ways. If they want to ally against the zombies, they can do so. Based on past game results with similar settings, it is usually the better choice to collaborate however.

These games offers wide opportunity for role-play and diplomacy for those who are interested in that, despite not being a "diplo".
As the game does not allow ranked games versus AI, it needs to be set to "practice" however.

Let me know about thoughts and suggestions.

I will host more games based on this template using different maps. Maps like this one, with clear population centers are the most suited in my opinion, even though the spawns can be very imbalanced.

If you want to help testing, also let me know.
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