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History Fog Settings Suggestion: 8/8/2012 19:38:20

Level 26
The history of a finished game allows you to watch the whole game without fog. This however has a downside as it becomes hard to follow the particular gameplay of one single player (for example to analyze his gameplay skills, or to study his moves in general). To do so you'd have to:
- focus only on his territories,
- distinguish between allies and enemies,
- check and remember the fog settings of the game,
- constantly apply these fog settings mentally to an otherwise complete picture,
- etc.

Each of these tasks would be simpler if it were possible to maintain the fog settings of the game (w.r.t a certain player/team) even when checking out the history.

I am not usually in favour of complicated suggestions since Fizzer is already doing a tremendous job and I believe he should not be bothered with useless and/or complicated proposals. Nevertheless this doesn't seem like a complicated issue to me. For all I know, all the info is already there, it's just about visualizing the history exactly as the player sees it while the game is still ongoing.

The main reason I am interested in this suggestion is that I sometimes go watch games between strong players and have some difficulty visualizing the game from their p.o.v. This would solve the issue.

So, who thinks this would be useful? Who doesn't? Why?
History Fog Settings Suggestion: 8/8/2012 19:42:23

Level 54
Has been asked for already, more than once. It would be a nice addition, as well as an option to participate in a game like that as an observer without playing, but you have to request an audience before King Fizzers Uservoice council, to promote this. But since he is fighting a war in Android country right now, your chances of success are rather limited.
History Fog Settings Suggestion: 8/8/2012 19:52:13

Level 26
My bad for not actually checking for similar proposals in the forum..

Participating at the game as an observer would not really be good imo. I guess it requires consistent work to implement and also would introduce various secondary issues.

I know about the Uservoice but I first wanted to see if the interest was even big enough to go through that way. I am aware the Uservoice war is not an wasy one to win..

For anyone interested, this is an old uservoice of the idea http://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/1920689-partial-history-see-what-only-one-player-could-s
History Fog Settings Suggestion: 8/8/2012 19:53:46

Level 60
and don't forget the iOS siege
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