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Suspended players??: 8/1/2012 04:27:03

Level 10
How does a suspended player find out the length of their suspension? They are involved in a tournament but cannot access the site to find out how long they are suspended and have not been told a length. Their profile just says suspended for violating terms of service but no end date....any one know how they can contact an admin????
Suspended players??: 8/1/2012 06:10:09

Level 23
Fizzer is the only admin on Warlight at the moment. Just have your friend send them an e-mail adding for the length.
Suspended players??: 8/1/2012 06:50:44

Level 58
if there's no end date, that means it's permanent, right?
Suspended players??: 8/1/2012 11:18:45

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I thought suspensions came with a date, so maybe? Wouldn't that be a ban, rather than a suspension, though?
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