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More raffle ideas (New): 4/20/2020 14:54:48

Level 57
Speed raffle: Instead of the normal 60 seconds, players only have 5-30 seconds to join (randomly selected) (same join condition applies)
Everybody wins raffle: Everybody that joins earns 2 free coins (1 coin in 2 coin raffles), with the potential to win the prize at hand.
Sliding raffle: At random, everyone that joins adds 1-50000 coins to the prize. (Starts at 1)
??? coin raffles: Depending on the poorest person, that many coins can be lost, but up to 999 coins can be won.
Quiz raffles: Happens like a normal raffle, but after 60 seconds, one person is asked a trivia question. If the person correctly answers the question, they win the coins. If the person fails to correctly answer the question, the prize is doubled from the current value and a different person is asked a different question, and the same rules apply from there.
Classic raffles: Raffles like they were in 4.11. Only 5 coins or 50 coins, stacking like normal. Modern raffles do not stack with this.
Modern raffles: Raffles as they are today. A random value, stacking like normal. Classic raffles do not stack with this.
Add your own raffles in this 4um.
More raffle ideas (New): 4/20/2020 14:58:05

Level 50
Adamg5, EVERYTHING you have said here so far is UTTER SHIT! I will gladly welcome different ideas other than this!
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