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VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/19/2020 13:03:23

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64
Viw has held 2 open tournamentes / 1vs1 Guiroma https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=33610 and 2vs2 Sweurope https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=33641/.

In this thread we will thank those participating and we will comment their games.

First some extracts from our Guiroma internal guide :

Notes :
-We get no cards for conquering territory. When ahead you can play control.
- It s 4 picks at 5 starting armies and 5 income. It s possible to go to 11 income turn2.
- Cities give no income so do not pick them !
- Only one card, use it wisely !
- A bit of luck involved in attacking.

Not all bonus are equally efficient ( UK n Mauritania are bad, to say ).
That means that North is better than South and East is better than West. The difference is not so great to cluster in East anyway.

Top bonus :
Arabia : efficient, good position. Usually one of best picks
Greece : best income/territory ratio
Italy : possible ftb, no double border, controls/expand quickly in Greece . If Cannae is pickable and Italy is without counter, it s 1st pick to take.
Southern Gaul : possible ftb, easy expansion in Narbonensis and N.Gaul which is usually a free zone. it also borders 3 of the +5 bonuses.
All the +2s for 3 terr.
Syria : efficient, 1 double border, check Arabia, can move war to Greece
Corsica : central pick to counter Hispalis and wreak havoc in Italy or Gaul. the other +1s are usually bad if not for combos enablers or counters.

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VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/19/2020 13:19:58

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64
lets check the games


Mr.Meowster beats Zolfo

Picks : Z picks only 4 and in 2 bad place/position (southeast); M picks equally bad but at least picks 8
Game : M has intel and better position. Not aggressive, he can win easily anyway.


Przemoo beats the Major GM

Picks: P picks reasonably but concentrate a lot on 2s which are fast but in the late game give less income; M takes UK at first...
Game: P quite linear in his expansion, M prefers to take UK instead of Greece... then he wastes armies in N.Gaul instead of defending Gaul. Lastly he surrenders with game still undecided. A losing position but abandoning Gaul and breaking Dacia could have reopened game.


BlueBrain beats Jorkana

Picks : B picks only 5 with the 6th that stinks; J picks 8 but with 1st in Uk and 4th in Sicily.
Game : J wastes too many troops in 1vs1 attacks, takes Alexandria ( 0 income). Best things we see his the use of blockade. B is more linear but not very efficient. They have quasi same income turn 9. But again J prefers to expand instead of fighting,

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VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/19/2020 21:19:37

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

Evodream beats Domenico Buttiglione

Picks : E picks 6, the best are #4 and #5, D picks 8, nothing really good, both avoid the ftb in Italy...
Game : nothing spectacular, E turn 2 takes Qussonoba... D turn3 wastes armies in north instead of completing Mauritania.E turn 4 expand both in Alexandria... and Syria, however east has better expansion and he can beat D, which in crucial turn invest all his income for Dacia....


火 stam4o ☆ Inking TItan Beats JuanLaurino

Picks : with Italy and Gaul ftb, Inking (I) picks only 4, avoiding ftb, J picks 7 vaguely better.
Game : I has a better idea what to do, J seems unaware and choose a bad development path.


ulonqus beats Pea

Picks : U picks 7 clustered in west, P picks 4 including UK
Game: U excepting some armies wasted against Qussonoba has played better. P even with better position, let himself to be eliminated from Spain then he did not complete Africa


Giuseppe Rotella beats Mckay Allred

Picks: G picks 7 but those are reasonable, even if risky, picks, M picks 6 of which two 1s with no combo
Game: R has his triple pick in N. Italy prevented but uses this knowledge to break opponent bonusm M meanwhile plays good until he decides to invest 8 armies for Lusitania instead of going for Pontus....

Edited 4/19/2020 21:34:05
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/19/2020 21:38:18

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

Bluebrain Beats Evodreamer (2ns Round)

Picks: B picks just 6 but at least his first 3 are on ftb. E picks 6 of which triple 1s...
Game : B has faster income Turn3 E could have stopped him not attacking Africa from Carthage but he tries to break the opponent and lose.
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/19/2020 22:41:40

Level 61
good luck
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/20/2020 07:15:16

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

[NL]Philippe Beats Essensluq

Picks : P picks 8 reasonably picks, no love for Sicily ( ftb with Italy picked #4); E picks 8 (trying to cover combos area ?) but shows an excessive loves for 1s

Game : at the end of turn2, even completing all his 4 bonus, E has 2 income less than his opponent that completed 3. He should have probably tried to complete Gaul instead he tries to get rid of Spain / but P already knew his income / and lose
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/20/2020 16:57:40

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

Onyx beats Max

Picks: M pick Arabia and Gaul but then goes for Lusitania and then Asia. Lusitania before Gadaes is strange and Asia without Cyprus is quite bad. In the end pick 3 is very bad for Max. O picks Dacia combo and Gaul, then goes for Spain. Main issue is that he do not have intel/coverage on Ponticia/Egypt but his picks rae better than Max picks.

Game: I think bot made some mistakes or strange choices. Turn 3 Tarraco for O is a blind betm turn4 Max progress in Asia after having invested in Mesopotamia ? This leaves him behind in income. He can take Ponticia and try a desperate uphill battle. Turn12 after a good fight he is eliminated from Spain and game is over. Onyx has risked taking Panonia, unfortunately max was not in condition to attack.

In the end while not being perfect Onyx mistakes are light, Max's are bad.


Vilex beats Doorbuilder45

picks : V picks are bad, slow expansion. D picks are not good but at least he can get to 10 income turn 2.. I could i mean

game : V takes citiy over city while D do even worst, expanding in a terribel way. In the end V takes greece and wins.

Edited 4/20/2020 17:08:59
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/20/2020 23:11:31

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

AlteredEgo beats thom

Picks : T picks just 4 going for fast income, even if not the best ( Arabia / Asia combo..), A picks 8 believing that Gaul/north Italy was the place to be. I do not agree.

Game : T takes his income turn 1 while A can only take a 2... next turn both expand in many bonus... T has always more income but expand badly in Spain. In the end he is outplayed by Am after a game in which he has always had more income than his opponent.
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/23/2020 06:26:01

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

first game ended SZEurope

RK9 - lost - picks only 4, Italy #3 !,moves around in France without completing it...
Frolix - Lost - picks only 5, slow expansion. decides to lose Sweden to go Iceland... knowing enemy in Norway
NepCoV1:9 - Won - picks 10, taking a couple combo in Russian area, good expansion.
Cryst - Won - mediocre picks after the third, average plays
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/23/2020 06:39:10

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Level 64

KonamiCode beats BinaryJ

picks : B picks 7 clustered in west, K picks 8 with a foot in east. Nobody goes for Asia ftb...
game : B prefers to expand without taking bonus, when they meet he has less income


Bruce Yanq beats AlteredEqo

Picks : Altered takes 2 combo picks 8, B cluster his first 4 in east. A has better pick.
Game : A decides to take Narbonesis instead of Gaul m B doesn't use Syria to support Ponticia....
A keeps expanding without taking bonus so he can't abuse his better position. B can keep up. The last turns see B overplay A. Blockin Dacia could have won the game for A.
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/23/2020 11:48:21

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Level 64
https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=21735075 Szeurope

Loading - W - picks only 6, reasonable 5 + 1 in Russia(?). normal game
Domenico Buttiglione -W- bad picks ( Denmark ?) with no clear expansion, bad moves in the beginning, 1 deployment in Denmark never used....
Charlster97 - L- strange picks, followed but not proper expansion
ulonqus - L - picks only 5, similar to Domenico. some strange moves but at least beat domenico in islands
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/27/2020 15:31:34

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Level 64

Dimitris Wingo - W- discrete picks, a bit too focused on small picks and soft to sweden, then a solid game
Rose - W- discrete picks, I would have swapped 1,2 and 3,4. Portugal was not that good. I d have prioritized Norway between him and Dimitris to protect islands. Solid game.
Matajsz- L- 5 bad picks ( spain has 2 wastelands). criminal use of russia turn1 kills the game ( 50%)
protoman00 - L- bad picksm at least he goes for Norway Sweden. criminal use of ukraine turn1 kills the game (50%)
It could have been a good game given the distribution but one team was more experienced. Nobody believed in Belarus...
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/27/2020 16:16:16

Level 60
haha poor Belarus :D i love reading your post's :) Were looking to go to the final to read as much as post's for us with @Roses
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/30/2020 07:45:47

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

Loading - W - 4 questionable picks,ends in Italy.... but Russia is good late game and in the end he will solve the game
Domenico Buttiglione -W- bad picks in north, at least he picks 6. somehow he beats the opponent ( or better, his opponent is making everything wrong)
The count - L -picks 4.. Denmark and a double wastelanded Norway. The good of warlight (warzone is an illusion) send him in Iberia. Acceptable plays for 4 turns then he decides for not helping is mate in islands...... it s a team game !
Lucisese -L - It seemed a ray oh hope. He picks FINLAND 1-2 ( one of the best places to be in this game ) and luckily ends in Belgium with his random pick. Then we return to our grey reality... he will never complete finland wasting armies in 1vs1 attacks. Turn3 hurts our eyes: no defense vs Ireland, 1vs1 attack in Finland and 1vs 2 from Belgium to Germany. Maybe there is a reasons The count did not help him.....


Fratricide game between 116s. 116I'm good + Bloody Toe vs 116I'mturnt + Kornel.
Both team decides to pick around poland. I mean.... Norway and Finland ? 116I'mgood picks show that maybe he is not good but he is better of the rest ( he spreas and tries baltic combo). Czech gets 2 first picks #-#. The game is balanced but 116T is dirty water for long ( pick Poland... no income until turn6 when Kornel helps him).
Important turns :
5 116G decides to attack Kornel instead of attacking Grey or Lower Austria ( Kornel comes from Czech), reopening a won game.
7 116T knows enemy in south east... so he secures west. Kornel is holding Lutsk, which defends most of their income. So he decides to go for Uk and attack from Lutsk... Game over
VIW Recruting tournaments: 4/30/2020 15:59:51

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Level 64
Meanwhile we reached quarters in Guiroma

NL Philippe beats Bruce Yang
Picks : N picks 7 and not bad except for the 3rd, B clusters for real but he gets rewarded with a good start.
Game :
turn4 : Philippe decides to invest both in Egypt and in Greece. Moreover he takes Numidia instead of securing carthage. Game over
turn5 : Bruce do not exploit the advange but decides to park a couple army in Narbonensis and lose Carthage. Why use transfer only when you can send Caralis troops to suicide ? Game non over
turn6 : P has taken Egypt prevented Mauritania and has Greece to complete. Game quite over
turn8 : P wastes armies in south. Game even
turn9 : B is unlucky in Italy but gains Carthage. Bastard game
turn10 : B is lucky in Africa, now has bigger income. P keeps wasting armies in south. Karmic game.
turn11 : balanced game
turn13 : B critical error, Yes I know P usually suicides armies in south but B you had italy Egypt and Carthage why 25 in MAURITANIA ???!!! Game gone
turn14 : again P suicides armies in Italy. To be even B makes a small blockade in Caralis. Bad game
A blockade in Mauritania 2 turns before would have won him the game.


Bluebrain beats KonamiCode

Picks : B picks 5 with no Thracia. he doesn't need Dacia ( uncontested ftb to win this game)
K has a bit of respect for the combo but prefers to downgrade his pick with UK at 1.
turn2 income 9vs5. B will get Egypt, K Greece, B decides to make some 1vs2 attacks.
turn3 K has taken Uk and Greece. B has more income but with a 1vs2 in Alexandria indicates B presence
turn4 K decides that alexandria is not interesting nor that northern border should merit some defence. Better to invest 6 in gaul that can be taken in just 2 turns.
turn5 Greece is lost, but the thing to see are FIVE 1vs1 attacks from both.

CONGRATULATION BlueBrain, the first clanless to make it to the semi-finals.
VIW Recruting tournaments: 5/1/2020 09:47:37

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Level 64
Let see some other games


OmegaPlayz3462 -L- 4 picks not bad except Denmark but 4... he doesn't gets his picks. senseless moves in Spain and France...
Sant -L- again 4 mediocre picks ( the order was wrong, Slovakia/Hungary had to be prioritized) ... in the game there is nothing he can do but why don t suicide some troops from Sardinia ?
Pandemic - W - i kinda like his picks ( except the third. I mean... Hungary has wasta....i think Leningrad should be there but not bad). In Game he uses intel in center, but one mistake is to move Norway / Denmark is useless Iceland is far, Finland was possible
Onix - W - discrete picks. I wonder why somebody prefers a ftb involving Germany to 2nd turn combo like Austria /Balkans. Game nothing to say he uses income advantage to cripple his enemy. easy game


Onyx beats Mr. Meowster

Picks : terrible 8 for M. I mean .. he picks all wastelanded bonus or no ftb. why try to cover the Gaul combo or take Syria.... O picks bad, not as his opponent. Sicily #1. read again first post. Syria was #1, Narbonensis maybe second.
Game : Turn2 M has 6 income, O 15. M moves are no good. why check sirya from south if you have north ? Lost on picks anyway ( read first post 6 times).

Edited 5/1/2020 09:47:55
VIW Recruting tournaments: 5/2/2020 08:43:46

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

jambo1872 -L- just 4 picks one of which is Britain. he is lucky he gets Portugal. he has ftb in Belgium but goes for France. He knows enemy in Ireland he do not go toward him. turn3 he decides AI could do better and Ai do not disappoint us, completing Belgium. Congratz in being ranked 5th in a 4 players game. ( Lvl8, has time to improve).
Pas -L- picks 12, not a fan of his picks, again Britain as 3rd (?? what they see there ? )... good game until turn7 when he takes wrong decision ( austria instead of breaking russia).
iswearshewas18- W- 12 picks for him. I dont like denmark ( it +1 guys.... its nothing) and swiss but no France. (if oppo gets france can stall 2 bonuses). Lack of Austria is strange. I like the partial mirroring for late picks.Game... he beats an AI that had bad picks as legacy.
purple&blue -W- 12 good picks. game ... turn3 for me taking the bonus is the wrong decision. Kill Hungary or stall it. In the end his espansion tactic wins but he lost center before enemy lost russia, so very big risk.

Edited 5/2/2020 08:50:54
VIW Recruting tournaments: 5/2/2020 13:19:14

Level 60
Very good tips.
I agree that the north and east are better.

I wanted tips on the map "Go up to Rome"
It is very challenging and I still need to evolve in it.

Send me mp with tips.
VIW Recruting tournaments: 5/2/2020 18:00:53

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64
Link ti a game with map plz
VIW Recruting tournaments: 5/4/2020 14:46:50

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

Przemoo beats 火 stam4o ☆ Inking TItan

Picks P tries fast Greece, risky but possible. I don't like 7th and 8th picks, especially in that order. similar picks for T , more oriented on Gaul as backup ( this bad guy picks only 7). I dont like his picks, too clustered in gaul and if divided Asia and Greece are really slow. He risks to have a easy-to-counter Greece alone in east and 2 picks blocked by 1 of the opponent in Gaul.

Game : T has Greece and 3 picks in Gaulm P is instead well distributed on the map. Both have low income at the start. P knows 3 picks of T while T knows only Asia. P plays well and a good counter turn 2 in Gaul closes the game.


Onyz beats Zathras

Picks : O picks are a bit slow. italy at 3m sicily at 4 are not ideal imho, considering he can lose Arabia and so any presence in east. Moreover he has no great income turn1. Z picks instead are too clustered in Africa, Arabia at 3 is too late and no Gaul is a big risk.

Game : turn1 Z makes an error in taking Tripolis instead of securing strong Judea. Tur2 deploying in Tripolis is another mistake. But the fatal mistake is to go for Numibia fast, while he had Asia to take slowly.
Onyx on the other hand makes a solid game except for the attack in Massilia (useless, more for the loss of delaying moves than for the army deployed).


Przemoo beat Bluebrain

Picks : in a map full of combos P goes for Egypt and then Dacia, avoiding a safe Gaul. His 8th pick is bad ( Thracia / Syria...). B picks 5 for fast income but again no Gaul 2ns and 3rd inverted and only 5.

Game B gets a mediocre Lusitania while P can get Egypt first turn. Nonetheless B can impede the development of dacia.
Turn2 B do not complete Numidia, turn3 he invest 1 in tarraconensis. considering that the battle has been decided for 1 standing army in Dacia, those 3 armies costed him the Final. Another bad idea is the location of his blockade.
P do not impress. He invested uselessly in Syria while further delays are always useful in these situations. He is lucky his opponent picked only 5 and missed a bonus.
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