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my first simple map for testing: 4/18/2020 19:08:40

Level 57
Hi all,

I made my first map :D

It think its quite fun with the settings I used. https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?TemplateID=1306039

I'm rather new to this, so I don't know whether you can play the map before it's public, but I didn't wanna make it public before testing it with humans instead of the AI.

Let me know what you think.

my first simple map for testing: 4/18/2020 23:02:02

Level 63
You can test with humans in testing mode, but games must be invite only.

I’m always down for testing, but I don’t think testing would necessary to see the issues with this map.

This is your first map, and that’s great. Welcome to the community, but you should try to do something more unique with this map since there are a lot of basic and boring bullseye maps.
my first simple map for testing: 4/18/2020 23:53:12

Level 44
Human games are important for testing the strategic aspects of the map, (because the AI does not play strategically). Play a lot of human vs human games on the map and see how it plays. If you can't find someone to play games with you (which is totally fine - I don't even bother testing with other people) then use multiple accounts and play the way you think a player would play. This is a good way to find the strengths and weakenesses of the grid. I always find that some territories need to be reshaped, and bonuses expanded or downsized to get the map to play how I want it.
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