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History of Rome Podcast (2007-2012): 4/16/2020 23:50:09

Rogue NK
Level 59

I just saw the first 10 episodes of the history of Rome podcast and it brought me to tears. The heroism, the tragedy, the intrigue, its all there. In total, there is 13 hours of Roman history. This is for hardcore history lovers, not like the stuff they make for the History Channel and shitty casuals.

What I love most is that the presenter indulges in the legend for a while and lets you feel the emotions of actually having lived through it before going into the typical historian speak of "Well it didn't happen exactly like that." and "The story is almost entirely fictional." and "In actuality, it was all geopolitical."

Too often Historians are too caught up in being contrarians and being factual to engage with the more fantastical, miraculous, and epic stories in history. There is still a LOT of that Historian speak in the podcast but the fairy tales are given their time in the sun.
History of Rome Podcast (2007-2012): 4/17/2020 03:56:06

Emperor Justinian
Level 53
When you have your first moment of love for the Roman empire
History of Rome Podcast (2007-2012): 4/17/2020 12:08:17

Level 46
Read Gibbon
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