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dream of confinement: 3/27/2020 01:23:39

Level 61
Last night, hanging from my thoughts
I fell into a deep sleep
I had a dream so real
That a deadly virus was spreading around the world
And to contain its spread, the only solution
It was total seclusion
Every human being was obliged
Living at home confined and maintaining social distance
As for the elderly the disease was more fatal
Even parents and children, grandchildren and grandparents
They had to be alone, to preserve their relatives
And so the whole world stopped
Across 5 continents
The streets were eerily quiet
Only in hospitals there were lines
To take care of the sickest
It was unprecedented madness
But that strangely made us wake up
We will only win this war
If everyone on planet earth
Resolve to help
This Pandemic revealed our insignificance
Destroyed our arrogance and ambition
Now we could see more clearly, our mistakes and weaknesses
Under the magnified lenses of loneliness
You made the most of your time
Or were you a slave of the hour?
You hugged whoever loves you enough
Not to feel remorse now?
Alone with ourselves
We finally had plenty of time to reflect
Dive into yourself and realize
That there is a nirvana
Within every human soul
What ego doesn't let you see
And that the other,
it is my most sensitive self, housed in another body
After all, what is the point of conquering the world if we are still alone
What is the use of finding life off the earth if we fail to find life in us?
It's as if our grandparents, inside hospitals, give us advice
Drop your cell phones, isn't it worth living on devices?
Vanity is a loss, which makes us lose our mind
And drown like Narcissus in the reflection of the mirrors!
The rich man who viewed the employee with contempt
Now in your stuck condo
Finally discover
How much depends on the poor
And how dignified your work is
Garbage man, porter, nurse, cleaning lady, courier
He saw in each of them a superhero
That saves our society every day
And so he questioned social injustices
Because if we're all the same
Why don't most have quality schools and hospitals?
Fear of death brought us equality
There was no more idea of a foreigner
Chinese, Brazilian, Italian
Our homeland is the human being
Our nation is the whole world
Jewish, Christian and Muslim
Came together in one belief
The worst of evils is indifference
And the biggest disease is lack of compassion
Our wealth, let's be frank
It is not stored in the big banks
But accumulated in the coffers of the heart
And when the epidemic ended
I saw strangers in the streets hugging each other
And families of joy crying
Because they can finally hold hands
When I woke up I had the impression that this dream
it was reality
As if we had to go through that difficulty
To regain our sanity
So if someone ever complains that time is not enough
And to say that money is the most important
I ask for pity
Tell the one who complains
How much is the hug of a lover
And that alone there is no happiness
Tell them about the day
When a pandemic challenged our selfishness and vanity
Tell them it was only possible
Face this invisible army
With empathy and humility
Because not all nuclear weapons
It is capable of exterminating
This enemy that invades us
No, it wasn't guns or gunshots
In the end who beat this virus
It was the strength of solidarity
Maybe loneliness has driven me crazy
And it was my delight
To think that human beings have a way
But if by any chance
Dreamed the same dream as me
So it may still be true
And I sin please
So that every dreamer
Spread the love virus
In the chest of humanity.

By Fabio Brazza
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