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Not PS does book review! Technological slavery: 3/23/2020 17:15:21

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Hello Not PS here ,

Finished Technological slavery by Theodore john Kaczynski AKA the unabomber. It is a collection of letters and this original manifesto.

Very interesting read , especially his 1995 manifesto industrial society and it's future (ISAIF). While the idea that modern society is deeply wrong is a very popular idea / feeling , this was an exciting new take on what the plight on it may be caused by. While I still don't believe a revolution / complete destruction of the techno society is possible he makes a very compelling argument for it's necessity. Maybe I am an easily influenced retard (duh :-) and being exposed to the idea that the current world is sick is something I was raised to believe. Reading it during the corona outbreak is amusing relating to the idea of impending disaster due to our techno society. 25 years have only seemed to add to the validity of this argument.

The only counter argument I could formulate of my own (have yet to look online for them) would It is impossible for a revolution against the technological world to be successful but it is clear we are heading for disaster. I'll have to look for counter arguments after posting this tbh.

The dissemination of what he described as "leftism" seemed very accurate , and it's ability to co-op and destroy moments (Such as occupy wall street and many others). And the danger this presented to and anti technological movement.

Regarding other sections of the book , the systems neatest trick was interesting and the letters where good supplementary material but for the most part not essential reading with some parts of the seeming repetitive.

Anyone good read recommended. Thanks for reading and sorry for my poor formatting and literacy.

Edit: Forgot to add is constant referencing to pygmies and the Russian revolution was dull

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Not PS does book review! Technological slavery: 3/25/2020 04:35:51

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:D never read that one :)
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