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Game Settings Tab: 7/18/2012 02:50:57

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Thanks Fizzer for updating the game again!

Now that we're getting many more options to customize the game (which is great), its getting to be a lot of work to check to know what games you're playing (Not so great.)

I know we have the "highlight" feature, but maybe we can separate settings into "Advanced" and "Basic"

Basic would include the things like: Distribution Mode, Number of picks/armies, Cards in play, Boot Times

Advanced would be on a secondary settings tab. Example of Advanced: Allow Attack/Transfer/%, Luck, Rounding, Turn Order, Vacations, Army Cap, Kill Rates, Overridden Bonuses.

Additionally, on the Game Settings Tab, you could have one screen that would show you all of the Basic Settings, plus highlight any non-default Advanced Settings.

The goal is to provide a one page quick snapshot of what you need to know about the game (Basic Settings + Deviations from Default Advanced).

Anyone care to flush it out a bit before a uservoice gets written up?
Game Settings Tab: 7/18/2012 02:58:31

Level 58

Warzone Creator
It's already divided into sections, "Cards", "Boot/Surrender", "Armies", etc.

I'm not sure Basic/Advanced is a better way to split them up.

"Vacations" is advanced? People that play casually may be very interested in whether or not vacations are honored.

For example, moving overridden bonuses to an Advanced menu just makes it more likely that trolls try to confuse new players by making one bonus worth a lot.

Unfortunately I think what you'll find is that everyone has a different opinion about what settings they like to see. Moving half of the settings over to an Advanced tab just means that now you have to check two places to learn a game's settings instead of one.
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