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NinjaNic's Mapmaking Help: 5/6/2014 03:12:45

Level 58
Hello everyone! It's NinjaNic, the mediocre mapmaker.
Anyway, enough of that! Want to learn how to make a map?
Helpful links:
http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Map_Making - Tips
http://www.inkscape.org/en/download - Inkscape Download
Please, If you see anything missing, just say it!

-Creating A Continent:
Use the draw tool, and draw your shape.
Make sure when you are done, the ends of the edge connect.
You can change the fill color (Object Menu > Fill And Stroke) but you will not see it after it's uploaded.
Using Simplify (Ctrl+L) or the Smoothing trackbar (top left corner) will make the edges smoother. You may want to do this because files larger than ¿2MB? are not accepted.
Inside your continent, draw a line where you want a territory border.
Make sure the border is not completely straight.
You must start with the outer part and work in.
Make sure the border goes off each edge of the continent.
If you had already started cutting territories, make sure the border goes off each edge of the rest of the continent.
Now select both (Shift+Click) and press (Ctrl+/).
You have 2 "territories" now! One may be the rest of the continent, but you will cut that into more territories.
Repeat these steps until it looks good or you get bored.
Right click a territory.
Click "Object Properties."
In the ID, put this exact text: Territory_1
It is case-sensitive so watch out. After Territory_1, type Territory_2 on another.
This is a real pain because you have to do this for all territories.
If you type Territory_2, but there is already one with that ID, it will say "ID Exists!"
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/89026778/WLExtension.zip - Inkscape Extension
-Water Connections:
This is quite simple actually. Draw a line from 1 territory to the other.
When the map is uploaded, the territories will auto-layer to the top, so don't freak out if the line covers a little bit of the territory.
Use the Text function.
Type the words you so desire.
Select the text and press (Ctrl+Shift+C).
Go to the "Create Rectangles" function.
Draw a rectangle where you would like to have a bonus box.
If you have multiple bonuses, I suggest copying and pasting your first bonus so they are around the same size.
Bonuses can cover territories.
When you upload it, bonuses will be in a layer above the territories.
For naming bonuses, you must type this exact text: BonusLink_UnitedStates
This is also case sensitive. If you have 2 words in your bonus, then remove the space and then add it when it's uploaded.

After you name your map and upload it, you may name the territories.
All you have to do is click on a territory and the name edit is already selected.
If not, then highlight the box saying "Unnamed" and type your feelings.
http://www.rinkworks.com/namegen - Fantasy Name Randomizer
-Connections And Center Points:
You could do this step before naming.
Click "Set Center Point" and then click near the center of every territory.
Click "Show Example Armies" to see if a 2 digit number fits in the territory.
Click the first button under "Connections Wrap" to begin connecting.
Drag the mouse from one center point to another.
Tip: Look for the green triangles. If you see a green rectangle, you may have missed a connection.
Click "Bonuses Window" then click "Add New Bonus."
Type the name from one of your bonus boxes.
Example: For BonusLink_UnitedStates, I could type "United States" with the space.
Then set the number and color.
My Arguable List Of Bonus Values:
3 Territories: 1 or 2
4 Territories: 2 or 3
5 Territories: 3 or 4
6 Territories: 4 or 5
7 Territories: 5
8 Territories: 6
Take into account the area of the bonus.
After setting all the Bonuses, select some territories (Ctrl+Click) to add to a bonus.
Check the appropriate box for which bonus they should be in.
The fun part!
When you are ready to test, save and close the map editor.
Click "Change Selected Version Mode" and set it to testing.
Then you can create single-player games with it.
Make sure there are no bugs before making it public!
It usually takes Fizzer 1 to 3 days to accept or decline a map.

These layers are default and cannot be changed: (Top > Bottom)
Bonus Boxes > Territories > Your Designs
For your designs, you may edit the layers by clicking the layer buttons on the top-middle-left in Inkscape.
This will show up in WarLight.
-Fancy Bonus Borders:
This makes bonus coloring look better.
Draw a border line (with same qualifications.)
Select the line only and press (Ctrl+Alt+C).
Then select both the line and continent and press (Crtl+-) and then (Ctrl+Shift+K).
Now you see the border lines are not touching, but rather next to each other.
I use this when creating bonuses, so you can see both colors when they border.
A superbonus is a large bonus containing smaller bonuses.
You must also make a bonus link for this.
Use the same (uploading) bonus steps as before as well.
Do this after creating the smaller bonuses because otherwise all territories in the superbonus will be that color.
-Strange Territories:
1.) For territories within another territory:
First you must draw the territory.
Then duplicate it (Ctrl+D).
Then select both this territory and the continent and press (Ctrl+Shift+6)
2.) For small territories that do not fit a 2 digit number:
Draw a circle or square directly on the small territory.
I'm not exactly sure but it should be at least 20x20.
Then select both the territory and the shape and press (Ctrl+Shift+=).
This map is even more of a pain to make.
The only extra requirement for this type of map is that all territories must be assigned their own bonus.
Copy: Ctrl+C
Paste: Ctrl+V
Duplicate: Ctrl+D
Cut (outside): Ctrl+/
Cut (inside): Ctrl+Shift+6
Color Menu: Ctrl+Shift+F
Layering-Bring to top: Home
Layering-Push to bottom: End
Select cursor: F1
Drawing tool: F6
Show text in WL: Ctrl+Shift+C
Zoom in/out: Ctrl+Scroll
-Final Tips:
Take your time! There is no rush!
If you do rush, then your maps will look like this:
http://warlight.net/Map?ID=12404 - My First Map
I do not suggest overlapping bonuses.
Maps look nice when all territories are roughly the same size.
Don't add an excessive amount of water connections!
Balance your map!
Try making real maps and fantasy maps, you might enjoy a certain type more.
Send me a mail if you need more help on mapmaking!

Edited 5/6/2014 03:12:55
NinjaNic's Mapmaking Help: 5/6/2014 10:22:34

Level 60

Lot of the same things in here, but now you can see what you accually have to do, in case you couldn`t do it by just a description :D
NinjaNic's Mapmaking Help: 5/6/2014 22:43:38

Level 58
Oh yeah, he added more of the setting-up stuff like map size and background...
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