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SVG size: 3/12/2020 15:22:54

Level 61
Link is https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=82242

Question: why isn't the SVG scaling in size? Mine shows up very small. How can I fix this?
SVG size: 3/12/2020 17:34:28

Level 61
Are you using Inkscape?
If so, then almost everything is explained in the wiki.
If you had been a bit curious, you would have found this has already been answered in the map development forum (I remember asking myself the same thing when I created a map and finding the answer).
To make it easier for you, important steps:
- check default unit is px and not mm
- check dimension unit is px and not mm
- check scale is 1
- check "view box" corresponds to where your map is located.
I hope this helped you, have a nice day.
SVG size: 3/13/2020 14:14:51

Level 38
width and height-700x700[1000x1000]and scale=1 [I'm so used to it ]
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