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An Improved World War 1 Map: 7/13/2012 22:32:06

Arc Light
Level 53
Like many other maps on Warlight, I feel that there should be an improved World War 1 Map. A few months ago, I was planning on making an improved map, however it turned into chaos. Now a little more educated on the War, regions, and map-making, I have decided to finally make the map. It's based of this: http://imageshack.us/f/696/europe1914.png/ . Of course I will have to make North Africa slightly more detailed and I will use a different map for Germany. There will be 2 territories per million troops mobilized in all countries sent to war, with possibly the exclusion of Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria for that rule. North African possessions will be included, but as separate bonuses. Here is a list of possible bonuses:

-British Isles
--Southern France
--Northern France
--Mediterranean Spain
--Mainland Spain
-North Africa
--British Possessions
--Italian Possessions
--French Possessions
-Ottoman Empire
--Palestine and Iraq
-Russian Empire
--Area of Red Russian Control (1917)
--Area of White Russian Control (1917)
--Russian Minorities
--Other German Kingdoms
--Southern Italy
--Northern Italy
-Baltic States
Small bonuses will be based off territories, large bonuses off troops mobilized. Any suggestions, questions or criticism feel free to comment on. I could use some suggestions for bonus names.
An Improved World War 1 Map: 7/16/2012 01:25:46

Darth Mylor {Warlighter}
Level 13
This is a very ambitious map, and i thinks it looks and sounds great, plus its historicaly acurate. However, when you say baltics you mean the balkans. The baltics are lithuania, latvia, and estonia. Also switzerland, denmark, iceland, etc are not in the balkans. I think you should put minor countries instead.
An Improved World War 1 Map: 7/16/2012 01:35:25

Luxis • apex 
Level 51
Switzerland was mentioned twice, and doesn't fit in either of the categories...
An Improved World War 1 Map: 7/16/2012 16:38:40

Level 41
If you want it to make it as historical accurate as possible: Switzerland was neutral (french&german speaking population!!). If you make it neutral, it will be good for the balance of the power between the teams (if it's becoming a teammap). It will prevent that Germany get's too much pressure from two sides in south (France and Italy). If Switzerland stays neutral, it will increase the importance of austria and benelux.
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