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Teams of X v. X Teams: 2/27/2020 18:43:40

Santa Claus
Level 62
In creating games, you're given the option to vary the number of teammates on a team (Teams of X) instead of varying the number of teams (X teams).

This seems backwards and reduces flexibility in created games.

In general, I prefer games that are 2 opposing teams, rather than more FFA type games. I would gather that I'm not a minority in that.

However, it seems like only giving the option to have "Teams of X" reduces the flexibility of created games. Namely, if 4 people are sitting around in a '3 people per team' game and want it to start, you can't just remove 2 open seats and start a 2v2. Instead, you end up with a 3v1 practice game, which is unplayable and needs to end.

If there were an option to create games with "X Teams", the above provided example could be created to have '2 teams', and when the 4 people want to start the game, it starts as a 2v2, which is generally going to be a playable configuration.

As it stands, changing the number of open seats in a 'Teams of X' only paradigm effectively removes the flexibility to change the number of open seats in a created game.

Is this an issue that anyone else has noticed?
Teams of X v. X Teams: 2/27/2020 18:54:34

Level 61
Yeah that would be a nice option.

You can have a set amount of teams currently, but only if the teams are fixed.

Edited 2/27/2020 19:00:03
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