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Break the bank - single olayer: 2/19/2020 17:39:19

Level 54
Okay, what am I missing? My "ally" and I have nowhere near the emery's number of armies. I've tried holding back. I've tried donating my ally loads of my forces and a mix of both. The enemy just steamrollers over may ally and most often kills his commander.

Any hints about how to win this single player level? Any advise gratefully received. Thanks.

Edited 2/19/2020 17:40:03
Break the bank - single olayer: 3/9/2020 14:48:56

Level 29
Its a very dificult map. I tried both suggested strategies. The main problem is, that your ally is a total **. Giving armies them is a waste. Its strategy is a partizani attack, which isnt bad at all, but later it has its own islands in enemy territory, doesnt try to keep his territories, only go forward without brain, like a suicide, or giving back armies to a useless territory, wasting that army for turns. Result: enemy attacks my back.
Other strategy, doesnot help ally. Ok try to make your bonuses big enough. Result: you weaken each other, because it will attack the same territory as you. All the time.
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