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SP - 147 1 weak and 1 useless allied: 2/17/2020 10:23:57

Level 29
This level is giving me some initial trouble. Anyone beat it and have some advice?
SP - 147 1 weak and 1 useless allied: 2/17/2020 22:33:59

Jake Christopher
Level 61
Took me 34 turns just now. It is pretty easy actually, just takes a lot of clean up after you get strong. The trick is to eliminate the enemy AI in west africa within the first three moves. turtle around him and attack after doing all your other moves so he wastes his troops hitting you.

All while spreading out near Nigeria in the middle of the map taking as much land as you can so the AI will spend resources on you there and not just in west africa and so you can get comparable troop numbers. You should also be eating 0 tiles from your useless ally and eventually when your helpful ally surrounds that four troop region you can start eating them for points too.
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