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The clan system: 7/4/2012 18:19:01

dodo comander 
Level 57
The idea is that clans should have some sort of system that would make them official.

**Reasoning behind this**

-There are new clans starting all the time.
-Would make clans more reliable.

Clans are now basically a tag in someone’s name. The leader takes on the responsibility to plan events and so on!

**My idea**

People would be able to found a clan; to avoid too many clans being made you would need a total of 4+ members to found your clan.

Next, ones your clan is founded you would have a clan page (like a profile page). This page would include your member’s name, your clan description, and a button “Join request” and/or “Leave Clan”.

Clan tags: Would be added to your name automatically when you join. When you are in games people would see your clan tag and could click on it to see the clan’s home page.

Okay, there’s my idea! Thoughts? Other than this won’t get implemented, because Fizzer is working on way more important stuff.
The clan system: 7/5/2012 02:27:33

Level 51
I think its a great idea!
The clan system: 7/5/2012 03:27:42

Level 59
I love this idea! It'd really help organize the clans a lot and you could see all the clans that there are, as well as who's in them. Maybe someone should make a uservoice about it?
The clan system: 7/5/2012 04:05:28

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Maybe clan leaders need to be members?

Would like to see chat rooms for clans embedded in the game. Previously, REGL just had a game that people wouldn't join so it would always be on the top, and you could easily see if anyone had anything to say. But, limit 24 players. Now, we have a tournament, but you can't un-invite someone from a tournament, and it gets lost in the scroll of endless tournaments.

Also, maybe have it a propose/confirm two step process to join a clan. The member proposes he joins, and a clan leader confirms it, then a tag can be added to the name.
The clan system: 7/5/2012 04:06:44

[WM] Anonymous 
Level 52
I agree
The clan system: 7/5/2012 04:17:20

Level 51
He had the propose thing. "join request". Then leader confirms.
The clan system: 7/5/2012 04:45:28

Level 56
This has been thought of and discussed at length multiple times. There's also a Uservoice option for it, which any of you in favor of it should go and vote for.
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