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Help the Priestess of Psion: 2020-01-28 01:56:03

Dave Steffan
Level 32
I must be doing something very wrong because I am always behind the AI and can't expand fast enough to out produce them. what are some general strategies for dealing with this level?
Help the Priestess of Psion: 2020-01-28 02:01:30

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Go for territory bonuses
Help the Priestess of Psion: 2020-01-28 15:22:21

Paul Kirkland
Level 29
You have to be patient, and allow your teammember time to assist taking out the bottom guy. Build defensive positions to force the bottom guy to go towards your teammates' weaker positions. Once enough time goes by for you to you proper defend realestate, attach the bottom guy as much as possible.
In this game, your team member will gain the bulk of the land and you will assist him.
Help the Priestess of Psion: 2020-02-23 13:31:20

Level 51
Hello, winning in this level is rather easy. At first, take control at Your teammate area (there are nearest and best bonuses). The best way to do this is to wait until computer draw You as first, that You will be first to fight on Guardians Glen. In this moment You will get extra bonus from Your teammate. For the best result send 5 armies, So in the second round You will be able to attack bottom area (Weavers Dale). Also in second round, with bonus army from Your teammate) go left to Raven Bard to finally get Summoners Castle in the 3rd round. Depending on the situation from 2nd round, attack Your teammate (remember to attack as the last move). At the same time go down to attack Barbarian Chief. After You get all teammate bonuses, You suppose to have enough army to go successfully down and defeat Your oponents. Do it aggressively and focus on first Ogre Magi field Deaths Jungle. Simultaneously, starting from Psion Waters You can go left and down to block the Ogre Magi (later) expanse. My best result in this level is winning in 19 round. I have no idea how to do it in 17, Ogre Magi always expanse too fast, and I have to chase him. Maybe You have any idea how to do it?
Help the Priestess of Psion: 2020-03-12 08:13:58

Level 56
Simple way is:
T1) Psion Fortress [PF] -6-> Weavers Dale [WD]

T2.1) Deploy 4 to WD
T2.2) WD -5-> Rogue Creek Village [RCV] or Mountain Reserve [MR] (note: AI in their turn selects between WD and MR locations that the player captured earlier)
T2.3) PF -1-> occupy Guardians Glen [GG] (if ally did not move the army earlier than your turn just restart level)

T3.1) Deploy 2 to WD, 2 to GG
T3.2) WD -5-> MR or RCV
T3.3) GG -3-> occupy Psion Temple Library [PTL] (already 0 defenders)

T4.1) Deploy 4 to PTL
T4.2) Use Emergency Blockade to RCV and MR with 3 defenders in each
T4.3) PTL -7-> occupy Psion Temple [PT]

After this begin you have many variants of strategy. You can occupy all territories after your ally capture, after which your ally will become cannon fodder and die, and you have big income for defeat both opponents. Or you can capture Raven Bard Forest, occupy Psion Village and Psion Harbor, gift RBF it to ally and open RCV for attack opponents with ally from two fronts.

Edited 3/12/2020 08:15:33
Help the Priestess of Psion: 2020-03-12 16:53:50

Level 63

In my opinion instead of taking the bonuses from your ally you should focus on bringing the fight to him!

You have 2 gift cards in this level.

Easy strat:
Use both gifts card to shift the focus of your ally from expanding vs neutrals to fighting the enemy team. This should get you an easy 16-18 turns win.

Hard strat:
Use 1st gift card on ally and 2nd gift card on the red opponent. This forces him to fight your team instead of expanding. With good strategy and a bit of luck you can aim for 11-13 turns win.

Edited 3/12/2020 16:54:36
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