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Hold the Line: 12/22/2019 02:16:43

Level 26
I read the other thread about this level, its too old to post in, so I am starting a new thread.

I tried the two strategies from the other thread:

- "run a stack into the big boni and then wipe the floor."
not sure which territory big boni is, but in general, when I focus on making a stack and attacking with it, the enemy AIs inevitably get way bigger stacks than me before I can make a dent.

The alternative strategy suggested:

- "1st move, take podezeno territory, if your AI partner takes it before you, restart the level.".
My ally takes it literally every time I play the map. even if I put all of my starting troops into the assault, my ally wins. I've restarted dozens of time and this is always the same

Anyway, thanks for the help in that thread, but I can't seem to figure out a way that works.
My ally is basically worthless and just gets in the way, and by the time I have at least one bonus secured, I am spread too thin and then get beat up from every direction.

Am I missing something?
Hold the Line: 12/23/2019 16:11:50

Level 58

Edited 12/23/2019 21:30:49
Hold the Line: 12/23/2019 19:11:15

Level 26
Thanks yeah I finally got there after many tries.

So my takeaways:

- Focus on getting the Alta Val d'Arda bonus
- HOLD THE LINE, do not lose your starting bonus or this new one
- Wait to get Val Nure e Val Churo bonus until you can actually defend it (your partner will run defense here for the first 3-4 turns so it should be okay)
- Its okay to just bolster your defenses and rest for turn (ie dont attack) That allowed me to build up a big enough stack to break out and ruin the enemies bonuses
- DONT PANIC. although enemies are coming from all sides and it can seem hopeless, you actually start with way more troops and income than the enemies... so its not SO BAD

but again, this took me many, many tries and sometimes the roll of the dice is bad
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