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Landria Map (new version 1.5): 12/20/2019 20:19:21

Level 62
What was fixed in the new version 1.5:

1st - Fixed the issue in the hidden bonus "Sangkor+Myrup" combo which had only an income of 2 while the correct is 3.
(Thanks for Njord for noticing this issue).
2nd - Fixed the issue in "Kolshave+Bivis" combo that hadn't the hidden bonus that remove the penalty between its borders.
(Thanks for rakleader for noticing this issue).
3rd - Added a new income example in the table on the right side of the map.

According to these changes I'm proposing a new QM template with the new version 1.5 of the map.

So I would like to request everyone who had voted for the last version to migrate your votes to this new template which uses the version 1.5.

Landria Map (new version 1.5): 12/20/2019 23:18:14

Level 60
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