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Magic: The Gathering: 6/28/2012 06:46:31

[UN] dkristopherw
Level 29
I don't really know if this forum has a "Water cooler" but here goes :P

The only thing I'm addicted to as much as Warlight (besides drinking, smoking, sex, etc) is Magic The Gathering. I was hoping to discuss the game with some of the players that may be on here, as well as get some advice about my deck.

Deck Build up:

Mountains - 13
Temple of the False God - 1
Urza's Tower - 1
Urza's Power Plant - 1
Urza's Mine - 1
Buried Ruin - 1

Stone Rain - 2
Demolish - 2
Melt Terrain - 1
Lava Axe - 2
Volcanic Hammer - 3
Alpha Brawl - 1
Earthquake - 1
Blaze - 1
Fireball - 1

Seething Song - 3
Red Elemental Blast - 2
Turf Wound - 1
Volt Charge - 1
Artillerize - 1
Incinerate - 1

Throne of Empires - 1
Chalice of Life/Death - 2
Dragon's Claw - 1
Pristine Talisman - 2
Elixer of Immortality - 1
Gilded Lotus - 1
Sol Ring - 2
Decimator Web - 1
Prototype Portal - 1
Norn's Annex - 1
Scroll of Avacyn - 1
Traveler's Amulet - 1
Shrine of Burning Rage - 1

Total cards: 57

I know what you must be thinking, "Kristopher, you handsome and incredibly awesome man; Why would you run a deck with no freaking creatures in it you suicidal idiot?"

And to that I say, "If everything goes right, I'll win before I lose."

If you notice (If not, look up the cards) almost all of the spells that I have that do not do damage give me mana. The rest give me life when tapped or when I play red spells. The defending problem is also helped a tad bit by Throne of Empire's (I'm on the hunt for its two sister cards). All of this mana serves one purpose: Deprive the enemy of mana at all costs, and when you can, kill him with Firball, Earthquake, or Blaze.

I usually draw at least five mana I can play on my first turn with this deck, in addition to my regular lands.

Norn's Annex is in the deck as a contingency. If, by chance, I can field both Gilded Lotus AND Norn's annex, I do not have to pay the life penalty for not having any white mana, and it becomes very problematic for the enemy to attack unless they are running a deck with plains in it.

Earthquake is in there as a contingency. I will tie the game if I know I am going to lose.

With prototype portal I can make copies of Decimator web or Chalice of Life/Death (If my life makes transformation a viable option) and either make the other play draw his deck down until he has none and loses, or win through damage/poison counters.

This deck does VERY well against my friends zombie mill deck because it requires two color mana's to work. Depriving him of one color mana keeps him from milling me, and lets me last long enough to kill him. It also works well against every other deck I've played, in part I think because I am able to build up lot's of mana very quickly and keep their creatures and mana off the field.

Do any of you have any idea's to improve my deck?

Also, for further discussion value, white is your favorite kind of deck to run, what is your tournament ranking (if you play in MTG tournaments), and what is your favorite spell?
Magic: The Gathering: 6/28/2012 07:37:55

{RSP} Nike
Level 4
cool story bro
Magic: The Gathering: 6/28/2012 09:10:31

Level 49
best card game ever, I played it for years (even participated in World Championship)

I haven't played over 10 years now, but the more consitent a deck is, the better the results. You want to have as many times 4 of each card as possible, those that form the core of your deck.
Deck should have 60 cards (unless you play with your own rules)
Normally you need 22-24 lands to avoid mana issues
There's a bunch of new cards I don't know... so can't say much more about it.

Magic: The Gathering: 6/28/2012 09:33:23

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
never played in championships cos i never had a lot of time but i've won some very big amateur tournemnt, with like 2000 people, i had a deck that make discard opponents card, with good mana evokator and some duplicator of sorcery, normally game wont last over 8 turns, thats why i soon get bored and i decide sell my deck 3 years ago earning back all the money that i spent for that game, i only have lost 2 times against an affinity deck, but those cards were banned, and that match was out of 5 games. favourite card is tramautize even if it is not so good, but it is a very cool card. suggestion is to increase your deck and if u want to be really good u have to spend money on better lands, that are normally the difference between a good player and a champion.
Magic: The Gathering: 6/28/2012 14:26:42

Level 48
i saw a lot of card-names coming by, most of which i don't know, next time you make a deck-list make all the cards hyperlinks to the card-summary on magic the gathering-website please, ty.
Magic: The Gathering: 6/29/2012 14:29:58

[16] Jasper 
Level 52
First off, I should say that your deck has casual written all over it. However, you shouldn't take that as an insult, I believe the most enjoyable Magic is played casually. However, it is always hard to comment on casual decks because we know too little of the context. An outsider does not know what the average power level in your play group is, nor what other decks you are likely to confront.

The only reason that one is able to comment on tournament decks, is that both of those are more or less known (which also tells why if a new strong deck created by one of the top teams can often take the tournament scene by surprise - people weren't prepared for it). When you are operating in a more competitive scene without being at tournament level it already becomes harder to comment, but at least the direction that the player wants to go is clear - to the power level of tournaments. Here, though, I don't think I can say the same.

That all said, I do have a number of things I can say that you could use to improve your deck. I think that you aren't going to like a number of the things I say, though.

First off, get up to 60 cards; those are the rules. Do so by adding land, as you are short on it. I do remember the time when I used to play 20 lands and sometimes even less than that. It seems to work pretty well, but when you add more land, you will find that your deck becomes more consistent. Sure, when it does its trick, it won't do it any better, but it'll get to do its trick more often, leading to better results over all. Seeing he number of mana artifacts you play, I think you might be able to pull off 22 land, but that is a "first-sight guess" and you might need more.

Life gain isn't good. Winning at 45 and winning at 1 life are both the same thing: winning. With that in mind, you should take a good look at the different life gain cards in your deck. Cards like Pristine Talisman are still good, it makes mana first and just happens to give you a life in the process. A card like Chalice of Life is one I would rather take out, but the problem here is that Chalice of Death is one of the few cards in your deck that can "go all the way", so I might leave it in at this point. Elixir of Immortality is one of the few cards that has life gain as its main feature that is actually good (or decent, whatever your measures are) this because it has a good secondary effect, and allows you to gain 5 life for three mana without color requirements (and lets you pay the three mana over two turns). Dragon's Claw is just a bad card.

Mana rituals: they don't seem to be a solid plan. You give up one of the most important things in the game, card advantage, to get a short term boost. Read up on card advantage if you haven't heard of it. I have seen rituals used effectively at times, but that's usually about the very best of the crop (Dark Ritual, sometimes Cabal Ritual) or in Storm decks, where they get paid back as the expensive storm spell is played. Using a ritual to make sure you can play land destruction on turn one or two doesn't seem like too poor a choice either, but you only play Seething Song, which just doesn't do that. Personally, I would lose the rituals.

Scroll of Avacyn: You do not play any angels. As such, this card says: 2 mana: do nothing. That's generally not a good concept and as such I don't think this card should be in your deck.

Norn's Annex: You shouldn't account for the situation in which you happen to have another card. First, you should evaluate a card on its own (or perhaps in the context of your deck, but not in combination with a single card in your deck). As such, the question becomes if you are prepared to pay 4 life for this effect. Only if you are, you should be playing this card. The fact that in some cases you might not have to pay the life is a nice little bonus, but it shouldn't come up in the decision if you want to play the card.

The deck also seems to lack some direction - it doesn't know how it is going to win. However, you have stated that the deck is doing pretty well and you haven't mentioned complained about it, I will just assume that isn't enough of a problem jut yet.


And then for your questions: I have never really played in many tournaments - other than prereleases, that is. I visited A single Grand Prix, and played in a Nationals Qualifier once (though I wasn't completely serious about winning). I have played mostly casually, but I have also visited a very large number of prereleases. Right now I mostly play (casual) EDH (AKA Commander) and still play at prereleases.
However, I do consider myself a good player as I really do strive to always make the best move in the position I am in. Though I haven't really been playing in tournaments I do think I am better (an or more competitive) than I was a couple of years back (like when I played in the Nationals Qualifiers). One of the reasons I like EDH is that it is a casual format that really lives on play skill - I do often enough get better results than the pure strength of the different decks would suggest to be the "normal" thing.
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