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Warzone Daily News: 12/13/2019 03:04:35

Level 29
December 12, 2019

Supported Things

Christmas Wish

Go to this link to submit a Christmas wish and maybe you will get what you want!
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Warzone Cup 2020

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Warzone Updates

"4.21 Cycle prediction
4.21 Beta - For the first time, the site goes into pure American English! (4.20.9?)
4.21 Beta 2 - The removal of QM occurs. (
4.21 Official - For the first time, players below level 30 have to pay up or risk getting permabanned. $15 a day, $70 a week, $120 a month, or $600 a year. Also, the other planned features for games are added.
4.21.1 - For the first time, the map database enters a purge. The following maps will be removed: Rise of Rome (for RoR haters), maps with less than a 3 rating, and Duel. Scenarios using these maps will be removed.
4.21.2 - Added the ability to be able to buy to victory! Level 56 or higher to unlock this.
4.21.3 - CursonaFun co-funds Rafflebot, making for the potential for 300+ coin raffles. - CursonaFun now has provided maps! Level 52 to access these.
4.21.4 - Due to co-leadership, you can convert points to coins. 1000 points = 5 coins, 200 points = 1 coin (POINTS ARE RETAINED)
4.21.5 - The cost of coins goes down by $0.001 USD, making cheaper coins, rendering USD raffles of less worth.
4.21.6 - Rigging is now an instant loss in raffles.
4.21.7 - The community asked, Fizzer and CursonaFun listened. Booting within 3 minutes/ 1 day of the boot time will now be a suspension.
4.21.8 - If a surrender is refused by a player 25 times, that player will be suspended.
4.21.9 - All other blocklistable reasons now result in suspensions.
4.22 -
Link: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/396151-next-warzone-update

A Map I Like:


Next, I will post updates on competitions.

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Warzone Daily News: 12/15/2019 16:34:00

Level 58
sorry i dont care
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