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seasonal ladder: 4/26/2014 09:49:40

Level 58
The seasonal ladder is already under way for some time and i think we have a good view at the moment how everybody is doing with most players having finished 8-12 of their games so far.

Of course we have already for most of the time Killua Zaoldyeck on the first spot with TWM and MoD behind him. We all know that TWM and MoD are strong players but nobody ever heard of Killua before so it's pretty sure that he is a alt of somebody but then the question is who.

This is a point to discuss maybe but some of my thoughts are szew since he isn't in the ladder on his account even though he is active on forum and we know he is a strong player. A other person who might be the one is Gnuff and if it's him we will soon know since both gnuff and Killua are inactive for just over 2 days.

If we look at how the clans are doing in the ladder you can notice that 20, GG, Masters and Blitz all have 3 players inside the top 25 at the moment of writing this. Other clans that have a member in the top 25 are WG, WM, Lynx and the french community but all 4 with just 1 of their members. The clan that i'm still missing in the list with name is apex but they just have 2 of their members in the ladder with the highest on rank 34.

My own predictions so far after seeing how everything is going i would give Killua a good change at winning this season if it isn't gnuff, else i would give the win probably to one of the Masters currently on second or third place
seasonal ladder: 4/26/2014 14:45:01

Level 59
Killua is Gnuff yo
seasonal ladder: 4/27/2014 18:48:19

master of desaster 
Level 65
if killua and Marquis de vauban are really both gnuffone (what i think after i analyzed their games. i had to play both)then killua will need a lot of luck to stay Nr.1. Marquis didn't perform very well. and since killua plays realtime i think he is stalling against vadas at the moment too.
seasonal ladder: 4/28/2014 06:03:48

Level 59
I had no idea Gnuffles was a Hunter X Hunter fan! If that were my alt I'd totally use a profile image.

(This post in no way distracts from the fact that I suuuuuuuck and MoD is playing well yo)

Edited 4/28/2014 06:05:25
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