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players for tournaments: 6/27/2012 07:27:37

Level 60
Hello fellow warlighters
I'm looking for players that like playing team tournaments and are looking for teammates this isn't for a specific tournament but more to build sort of a bank of well... just people that will not get booted and that are not noobs
here are some of the requirements:
-minimum of 6 month playing
-boot rate max 6%
-min 500 games
-non asshole
-can read and write in English
-win rates over 40% in 3vs3 2vs2 1vs1
that is all so if you are interested please comment here and ill get in touch with you to join some tournaments.
players for tournaments: 6/27/2012 07:41:47

Level 60
oh and none of these guys
(remove) °√osτrσ
(remove) (Fastman)
(remove) [-010-]*Rotterdam*[-010-]
(remove) [FR]Себастьян[FR]
(remove) [SV]Ugly Casanova
(remove) [WL貼吧]ninja
(remove) [WM] Pershing
(remove) {UN}Hannibal Smith
(remove) 111bbb {warlighter}
(remove) AdamLfc
(remove) Adso
(remove) afg
(remove) Ai (Was: TheSwift)
(remove) alex_killer_RU
(remove) alex_RU_killer
(remove) Alexander_Voda
(remove) Alexander88
(remove) alexaria
(remove) aligator07
(remove) Alucard
(remove) AmpleBreasts
(remove) Aptos
(remove) austinsharp70
(remove) B.O.P.E
(remove) BagoDoce
(remove) Bambam.tr.
(remove) Barney Stinson
(remove) Bart
(remove) Ben
(remove) Biala Duma
(remove) billymastodontico
(remove) bledi
(remove) bmi
(remove) BobSon89
(remove) borislavujo
(remove) BostonPhoenix (AHoL)
(remove) CaptainMorgan11
(remove) Carolus Rex
(remove) cashed
(remove) CCCP
(remove) Champi
(remove) Chaos
(remove) charels de magne
(remove) Charlie
(remove) Chievo1929
(remove) Choulbaguy
(remove) ci_effe
(remove) Cipher
(remove) Corocotta
(remove) Crush1887
(remove) csecs
(remove) darkstar
(remove) Darth Sidious
(remove) deace
(remove) dead piggy
(remove) DeathSoftCZ
(remove) declan
(remove) Djay Hey
(remove) Eddie Hitler
(remove) El Diabolo
(remove) elcico
(remove) Esraili
(remove) eXFt[CZ]
(remove) Exorciste
(remove) FadeIntoYou
(remove) FD
(remove) FilipisVallita
(remove) FlyingSwede
(remove) Frisky Two Times
(remove) Frosty G
(remove) Fyski Orkanoidz
(remove) Garfield
(remove) GC
(remove) general krantz
(remove) genghis
(remove) gixy
(remove) Grengren
(remove) Grey
(remove) gudgeman6
(remove) Guri
(remove) Hayter
(remove) Heiligewurst
(remove) Ho11id4Zz
(remove) Hoflin
(remove) House Targaryen
(remove) Husaria Team ][ Wuzek
(remove) i am gray
(remove) I'M RETIRED
(remove) i_like_varying_types_of_tea
(remove) iotp
(remove) JAKR
(remove) jamez
(remove) JAROS
(remove) Jasiek
(remove) javiersorribes
(remove) JETHRO TULL
(remove) JohnDoe
(remove) johnjehn
(remove) Julius Caesar
(remove) JV.C.S
(remove) kacper5422
(remove) KainReizel
(remove) KaKi
(remove) Kaspatoo
(remove) Kembo
(remove) Ken. Cosgrove. Accounts.
(remove) KGB138 (KGB)
(remove) KhronosAvatar
(remove) kjujik_RZKW
(remove) krecikzgr
(remove) kuta puta
(remove) ladolf hitler
(remove) Lenin
(remove) lmac7633
(remove) lodglerPL
(remove) lolo89000
(remove) Lord Williams
(remove) lulu
(remove) MajorPearson
(remove) malakkan
(remove) masterroj
(remove) max
(remove) medis
(remove) Meman12111
(remove) mistergamer
(remove) mitklos
(remove) Mlahowin
(remove) model500
(remove) Morist
(remove) Morphine70
(remove) mr.skin
(remove) mukim12
(remove) Mundaka
(remove) Muratb99
(remove) NATO
(remove) Nazistas
(remove) nonprophets
(remove) Norbin.pl
(remove) nsiwy
(remove) One-ideaed
(remove) oppland v
(remove) oravla
(remove) OSaV
(remove) OSO
(remove) paul_scholes
(remove) pedritoelcabra
(remove) PetroPL
(remove) Petty
(remove) Pheetus
(remove) potplant
(remove) PurpleMonkeyDishwasher
(remove) Rapas Ulsio
(remove) Raven6
(remove) reditodie
(remove) Rekoj
(remove) retrospekcja_jeza
(remove) rhaptorne (suomesta)
(remove) Rhino03
(remove) Rotmister
(remove) Rotterdam!
(remove) salmn
(remove) ShadowSoldier
(remove) Sieste
(remove) Slainte269
(remove) Smurfeater
(remove) Socan
(remove) Sokolov
(remove) spacedchief57
(remove) Splashmaster
(remove) Stasiu
(remove) stupx
(remove) sumobutter
(remove) swatmaster22
(remove) Syrio.Forel [BO]
(remove) sєяvIп mOrgul [alb]
(remove) Temujin
(remove) The Green Manalishi
(remove) The Suss
(remove) thekohser
(remove) theKurt
(remove) TiagoBagshot
(remove) trdgffg
(remove) Trooper
(remove) unitedstates marine
(remove) Unknown Power
(remove) Uruguay
(remove) utku (TR)
(remove) VladMark
(remove) w.
(remove) Wehrmacht
(remove) yberkg
(remove) Yoda
(remove) Z
(remove) zaragoboss
(remove) Zattar [FIN]
(remove) zazanza
(remove) ZigZagZach
(remove) Zoommolj
players for tournaments: 6/27/2012 07:42:22

Level 55
Sure I'd be up for that - set up some games with me in real time or multi day before I join any tourneys with you though. So we can see how being teamates goes.
players for tournaments: 6/27/2012 07:43:04

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
theres a joke in there somewhere about warlighters and requiring non Asshole players but i wouldnt dare ;-)
players for tournaments: 6/27/2012 07:56:41

Level 2
Muahahhaahah i am on the top spot - °√osτrσ
players for tournaments: 6/27/2012 08:15:37

Level 35
I might be interested as well. Start a game with me if you are interested as well.
players for tournaments: 6/27/2012 12:48:21

Level 10
why am i on there?
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