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Champion (new event): 4/25/2014 23:51:00

Level 61
Hello everyone!

I was thinking about setting up a new fun event and I'd like to know if the community would be interested in it. Any feedback and opinions are welcome :)

It's much like the flyweight belt with a titleholder and players challenging that person for it. The current Champion will also be responsible for keeping the event going.

The difference is that instead of signing up on a challengerlist and waiting for your turn, the right to challenge the champion will be awarded through playing.

So it would work like this:

The current champion creates a tournament with the template they would like the titlematch to be played on. The winner of the tournament is awarded with the right to challenge the champion on the template used. If the challenger for some reason don't want to/can't play, then the challengeright will be awarded to whoever placed 2nd in the tourney. The tournament should preferably not be RR as to avoid tiebreaks. It should also be a fairly small tournament so the interest stays alive

The new (or same) champion sets up a new tournament after this and so on..

This is the idea in broad strokes. I have some thoughts on specific rules regarding templates, tournaments etc. But I want to check if there's any interest for this first (also I'd like your input on these matters). I'll edit this post as the discussion goes to include more details.

Edited 4/25/2014 23:54:01
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