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Language and Saliva: 12/2/2019 04:46:27

Level 45
I was taught in a private education (jehovas witness homeschool program) and through this education i was given many opprotunities for learning of languages. I am flunt in english, greek, latin, bokmal, classical syriac, tonga, etc. I do not know any spanish.
When speaking greek and latin one may notice an excess of saliva being utilized in the speaking of most words. the mouth becomes a wet pool as it were, one can hardly breath.contrast tis with bokmal and tonga, both languages found in their respectice desert climates.these there are having very little saliva usage. the tongue taps. syriac does not follow this rule but was also the main language used in alexandria syria etc prior to climate shift in 300AD. my hypothesis is that the saliva usage in languages is corealted with how much sweat is applied in these regions AKA language as a supplied of or auxiliary perspiration methods. english is a son or a brnahc of bokmaland you can see this efefct in reading the posts on the forum some good some not so good.other than words expressly taken from these regions with saliva rich kanguages the mouth is dry.the water is conserved. this is of a very high value even though one may not always wish to be drinking saliva and in many cases is not recommended in case you are ill. this is where urine therapy comes into play but that will be saved for another post of the some other time.
Language and Saliva: 12/2/2019 23:33:32

Level 49
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