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Report: 6/24/2012 20:54:22

Samurai Zach
Level 54
I get in trouble because I report a guy who's purposely waiting until 1 second before the boot time is up EVERY turn, he has obviously done nothing wrong? Come on, the guys name is Ballsonya, not inappropriate? What kind of rigged system is this.

He reports me because he's mad, and KNOWS he has done wrong, maybe because the guy has a membership you feel he's a contributor and won't do anything to him. Elaborate, please.
Report: 6/24/2012 20:57:28

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
What sort of "trouble" did you get in?
Report: 6/24/2012 21:00:27

Samurai Zach
Level 54
My bad on leaving out specifics, I swore a few times - not sure if maybe I missed some rules on swearing, but I don't believe it warranted any sort of repercussion.
Report: 6/24/2012 21:06:34

Level 59
Post the game link please
Report: 6/24/2012 21:08:46

Samurai Zach
Level 54

I re-read the chat, yea I went overboard I'll admit it. Don't know why I was the only one to get a warning though.
Report: 6/24/2012 21:15:15

Level 22
You got in trouble because your language was wildly inappropriate, and against the rules.
He didn't because taking longer than you want to take turns isn't against the rules.
Report: 6/24/2012 21:37:49

Level 46
Please note this is NOT an official answer. However, I don't think I've ever seen Fizzer reply in public to explain or defend warnings but I would like you to have at least some answers, so here's my best shot.

not sure if maybe I missed some rules on swearing

Here are the rules you might've broken:

  • You shall be respectful to other players at all times.
  • Racial slurs, personal attacks, excessive profanity, or any other offensive language will not be tolerated.
Source: http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Rules

I'm not sure what happens exactly when you report someone through a game you're in together, but when you report someone through their profile you get a list of possible reasons you can select. When you choose "They're slow to take their turn", a message pops up:
If you find games moving more slowly than you'd like, try creating or join games with lower boot times so you can boot the players and continue your game. However, you should not report them.

You may be interested in enabling the Banking Boot feature, as this penalizes players who are consistently slow and gives extra time to players who are usually fast but need extra time occasionally. See Booting on the Wiki for more information.
(Emphasis added.)

While it's certainly true that waiting until the last second every turn just to annoy an opponent is childish, it's not a violation of the rules. (The "rule" is that people have to commit their orders before their time runs out. The "penalty" for not doing that is the possibility of getting booted. Getting booted one second after the boot time is likewise not against the rules; the rules say you can boot people as soon as they go over their time.)

Don't know why I was the only one to get a warning though.

Actually, there's no reason to think you were the only one; warnings are invisible to everyone else. Only when you do something so bad that you get suspended will other people be able to see it (and only then, only for the duration of the suspension; after it ends it too becomes completely invisible to other players).

Reading through that chat, in my opinion you were the last person to get out of line; I wouldn't be surprised at all if the other players got warnings as well.
Report: 6/24/2012 21:43:02

Samurai Zach
Level 54
Ok thanks.

And yes, I understand I did get way out of line and acted foolish, so I'll take full responsibility for that.

Sorry for all of this.
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