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Most underrated maps and makers?: 4/23/2014 21:47:28

Level 4
I personally think Qi. He's made many maps but yet only one reaches >4.0. But I think at least 3 of his maps should be above >4.0.
Most underrated maps and makers?: 5/11/2014 13:12:15

Level 56
i think Migelangelo's maps are hightly underrated. we should rate 6 or highter to weight it out
Most underrated maps and makers?: 5/12/2014 03:48:31

Level 59
Michaelangelo hit it right on the head. Qi makes some of the most strategic maps but due to some people disliking him, his maps tend to be rated lower than they should. I believe he made the China map which in my opinion, is the most underused map on warlight. It is excellent for 2v2 and also good for 3v3. The 2nd most unknown map in my opinion is Apollo's Red Dawn Redemption. It has a similar strategy ad setup to medium earth but also has a little bit of Guiroma influence thrown in. It's also a good looking map. It is not perfectly balanced (there's a 4 territory bonus that gives 4 income) but it adds a new strategy to the game, similar to Greece in guiroma or the 1's in Szechina. Fun map, Fun maps, I suggest checking both China and Red dawn redemption out.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3