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Global Clan Network: 4/21/2014 08:54:49

The Russian Juggernaut (Chainsaw's Guardian Angel)
Level 57
Hello, everybody.

I have created a Global Clans Network where you can create Groups for your clans, use it as Clan's Page, write your own Clan Rules, write Private and Public Messages to each other, create Forums, even earn some little Money and more. The place is like a social network, but it is not monitored by the NSA :D.

Here is the clans network's link, go there and register - but you have to be approved by an administrator, with am I. It might take some time as I can not sit there and approve people every second. You will be approved from administrations side in about 24 hours. P.S. only people with clans can enter the site, because one profil field is telling you to enter clan name and if you don't you will not be able to register. If you will write something like "No Clan" I might not accept your register, BUT if you will write a reply to this post then I will approve it.

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