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Christmas Map 2019: 10/15/2019 20:33:40

Level 59
Hi all,

Usually at this time of the year I would be announcing a test version of this year’s Christmas Celabrations Map!

However sadly this year I am instead announcing that I will no longer be making the usual Christmas themed map - Quite simply this is due to the fact that following several different work and home commitments changing, I no longer have the time to put into making a Christmas map.

Sure I could quickly whip something together, but I feel this would be a let down to some of the recent higher quality Christmas maps that I have made (Christmas 2016 and 2017 I am looking at you).

I know some people have come to love the annual novelty map, however I feel it best to end the Christmas Celabrations series on a high rather than for it to fade away.

Everyone is welcome to have a go at a Christmas map of their own by all means, I know Bane has given it a go in the past (if you can call it a Christmas map?!)

As always though, Merry Christmas from Skunk940 :)
Christmas Map 2019: 10/15/2019 20:36:26

Level 62

Edited 10/15/2019 20:37:25
Christmas Map 2019: 10/15/2019 20:37:13

Level 60
who's Bane? All I see is Thanos
Christmas Map 2019: 10/15/2019 23:30:29

Level 60
Happy New Year!
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