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Math of the game: 10/8/2019 10:30:48

Level 51
I think all know the map Europe (206 territories, 32 bonuses). There are bonuses which are much more effective than others.

For example Austria has 4 Territorys and grant 3 Income.
While France has 10 Territroys and grant 6 income.
That means, you only need 2 bonuses like Austria to have the same income than you get with france.

I changed for fun the bonuses. I set it like this.

Territroys 3 Bonus 1
Territroys 4 Bonus 2 (Austria)
Territroys 5 Bonus 3
Territroys 6 Bonus 4
Territroys 7 Bonus 5
Territroys 8 Bonus 6
Territroys 9 Bonus 7
Territroys 10 Bonus 8 (France)
Territroys 12 Bonus 10

When take 2 bonuses like Austria now, you only get 4 income. You need to conquer 8 Territorys. But if you take a bonus with 8 Territorys like Eastern Balkans, you get 6 income.

You have with the smaller bonuses still 2 advantages. you still get a bonus earlier and your opponent need to break 2 different bonuses.

The interesting point is following. The most player blame you if you want to take a big bonus at start, although you have a advantage of income with this changes. of course you have still reasons to take the smaller one. but the people seem not to understand, that it isnt the same as before. thats why they rage extremly and instant leave games and so on. I know this from other games like Leauge of Legends. There are also maths the most people dont understand even if you explain it. They refuse to understand.
Math of the game: 10/8/2019 10:48:12

Level 62
Taking a big bonus by clustering when you are far from another player is fine.
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