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Need help with "Triple Threat" SP Level: 9/29/2019 11:31:29

Søren Tauber Lassen 
Level 32
I'm getting a bit frustrating with the single-player level "Triple Threat".


I'm trying to follow the advice given in an older thread, but I must be missing something, because I get crushed quickly.

These are my steps in a typical scenario:

Turn 1:
I start by capturing all 4 Sparta territories.
AI 20hp boss move to Elis.

Turn 2:
I capture Messene-Pharae with all available armies.
AI 20hp boss move to North Arcadia (doesn't always happen).

Turn 3:
+1 army in Messena-Pharae.
+7 army in Cythera.
"Emergency Blockade" in Messene-Pharae.
I capture Milos and Aptera.
AI 20hp boss attack Messene-Pharae and dies.

Turn 4:
+4 army in Milos and +4 army in Aptera.
Capturing Mt. Idi and Seriphos.
AI 100hp boss capture Messene-Pharae.

At this point I'm getting crushed by the 100hp boss.

Some times the 100hp boss goes an other way and I have a bit more time to capture Crete and Dodecanese and maybe South Cyclades, but even in best case scenario I've played, the AI gets too big and crushes me quickly. My allies also gets crushed and is not much help.

I'm trying to stop the 20hp boss and then get Crete, Dodecanese and South Cyclades, and then I plan on going north fra Sparta, but I never get that far.

Help please.

Thanks :)
Need help with "Triple Threat" SP Level: 9/29/2019 17:52:58

Level 46
Aloha... Du starter med at tage de 3 sparta områder, derefter Messene-Pharae med 3 armies og Milos med resten. så skal du have 6 i Messene-Pharae + blockade card og resten i Milos så du kan tage 3 områder i south Cyclades. Tag resten af south Cyclades + 2 områder i north cyclades. du skal ikke bekymre dig om sparta lige nu. Tag 3 områder i north cyclades, så du kun mangler 1. Tag Kos, Knossos og Aptera. sæt resten af dine armies i Laconia. Prøv at tage 'Dodecanese før din allierede, ellers må du stjæle dem fra ham. Tag resten af 'Crete'. Forsvar dig i Cyclades og Sparta. Vent med at være offensiv indtil du får flere armies. Når du har både nord og syd cycledes kan du begynde at være offensiv. sørg for at placere armies rundt omkring, så du kan rokere rundt med dem. På den måde skulle du gerne angribe efter AI. Du kan tælle hvor mange angreb AI vil lave. Med udgangspunkt i at AI angriber alle områder fra hvert af sine områder. Du skal ikke spekulere på de 2 bosser. Hvis de kommer ned til dig, så bare sørg for at de ikke tager mere end et område ad gangen. Hvis det er indenfor de første runder, så start forfra. Nu skal du bryde AIs bonusser. Hvis du er heldig har du stadig 2 allierede, men du kan godt klare dig med 1. Da du har nok armies placeret du kan rokere med, kan du altid angribe sidst. Antager at du kender AIs måde at spille på. Så burde det ikke være så svært at bryde AIs bonusser. Hvis muligheden byder sig skal du selvfølgelig tage bonussen, men første prioritet er at få brudt 'Ionian Islands' bonussen. Når du har taget ca alle områder er det en god idé ikke at røre 100bossen, men slå den anden ihjel så hurtigt som muligt. Du kan med fordel også slå dine allierede ihjel, når du når hertil, da det gør det meget nemmere.
Håber dette er noget du kan bruge
Need help with "Triple Threat" SP Level: 9/29/2019 22:09:07

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
you should stick to your explanations in english here, as others who struggle might find this thread, and i guess most of them do not understand danish.
Need help with "Triple Threat" SP Level: 9/29/2019 22:46:47

Søren Tauber Lassen 
Level 32
Thank you kss31 :)

I think we should keep it in english, rather than danish. ;)

Yes! Your help was a great help. I managed to win in 65 turns, though it did take some time. I had to restart a lot of times in the start, because the bosses were not moving optimally.

I really disliked that level because success is so dependant on whether or not the AI bosses move correctly in the beginning.

But, I'm done with it for now. Thanks for your help. :)
Need help with "Triple Threat" SP Level: 9/29/2019 22:50:05

Søren Tauber Lassen 
Level 32
Google Translation of kss31 help text:

Aloha ... You start by taking the 3 sparta places, then the Messene-Pharae with 3 armies and Milos with the rest. Then you must have 6 in Messene-Pharae + blocking card and the rest in Milos, so you can take 3 places in southern Cyclades. Take the rest of the Southern Cyclades + 2 areas in the Northern Cyclades. don't worry about sparta right now. Take 3 places in the Northern Cyclades so you're only missing 1. Take Kos, Knossos and Aptera. put the rest of your dining armies in Laconia. Advantageously try 'Dodecanese before your ally, otherwise you must steal them from ham. Take the rest of 'Crete'. Defend yourself in the Cyclades and Sparta. Wait to be offensive until you get more armies. When you have both north and south bikes, you can begin by being offensive. Be sure to place armies around so you can mess around with them. That way you should get attack after AI. You can count how many attacks AI will make. Starting from in AI, attack all locations from each of its locations. Don't worry about the 2 bosses. If they come down to you, just make sure not to just end up and one area at a time. If it is within the first round, start over. Now you have to break AI's bonuses. If you keep having 2 allies, men you can do well with 1. Since you have enough armies you can fight with, you can always attack last. Suppose you know AI's way of playing. Then it shouldn't be so good at breaking AI's bonuses. If the opportunity arises, you must choose between the bonus, men's first priority is to break the 'Ionian Islands' bonus. When you've taken just about every place, it's a good idea not to touch the 100 boss, men kill the other as quickly as control. You may also want to kill your ally when you reach, making it much easier.
Hope this is something you can use.
Need help with "Triple Threat" SP Level: 9/30/2019 00:52:54

Level 46
Sorry for the danish. I didnt have that much time and it was a lot faster to explain in danish. Wont happen again.
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