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Losing points because of ad errors: 4/18/2014 12:53:26

Level 57
I've recently begun losing points in games due to apparently getting one too many of those, "Warlight failed to display advertisement" messages. I do not have adblocker, never did have. I also do not have a security system which blocks ads. The only reason ads can't display sometimes is that I have bad internet. Sometimes ads just don't load, and that's not really my fault.

Is there anything I can do to correct this? I've been working hard to get to Lv.47 so I can use Custom Scenarios with my friends, but if this false "Reduced points for adblocker" thing keeps haunting me it will take several months instead of weeks to get there.
Losing points because of ad errors: 4/18/2014 21:07:21

Level 56
If you've worked though the troubleshooter on the wiki: http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Ad_error
I don't think anyone can help you, I sometimes get a "Warlight failed to display advertisement" on occasion I presume for the reason you mentioned, but since I still see advertisements almost all of the time it hasn't affected my points.
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