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2019 Moscow City Duma Election: 9/24/2019 15:11:05

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8 September:Moscow held elections to the Moscow city Duma(city Council).I wouldn't pay attention to this election but the results are thought provoking.

Composition of the Duma in:
2014:38 members of"United Russia"(Pro-Putin party),5 members of CPRF(Communist) and 2 members of right parties(LDPR and Rodina)
2019:25(-13) members of UR,13(+8!) members of CPRF,4 members of Yabloko(Liberal) and 3 members of"Fair Russia"(Socialist).

Note-the Communists began to gain more seats in the Duma,if it be so then..."our homeland await terrible things again will come the Communists"(one actress, during events 21 September-4 October 1993) Right(especially members LDPR(3 party on popularity in Russia!) in the Duma no more.And now an interesting fact, one liberal oppositionist(let's Call him Leha) created a project - "smart vote"and those who are registered there received(on election day) a list of candidates who were against the"United Russia" and among them were...Communists.How the "capitalist pig" managed to support the "party of the proletariat" I don,t know.

What you think about it?
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