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Relic: 9/16/2019 01:07:24

[*Voo*] Hafo
Level 56
So I just recently won a really old tournament. If you look at the settings, you will find it amazing that this thing ever ended.


-no auto boot
-30 days direct boot

Which requires at least one person within the three competing teams to be active. But most players became inactive before the tourney even started (including the creator), as nobody was interested in it, the creator stopped playing the game and wasn't sending any invitations.

Date created: 2010/08/04
Date started: 2016/07/24
Ended in august 2019

I mean it's incredible such thing could see it's end (also beginning lol). Just look at the Tournament ID. This ancient tourney is unique. I don't think there was any tournament this old still in progress in the past few years.

Edited 9/16/2019 08:23:39
Relic: 9/16/2019 01:51:31

Flat Earth
Level 58
Lmao 6 years between creation and the start of the tournament. How is that even possible?
Relic: 9/16/2019 18:25:23

Level 61
Perfectly possible, it just didn't fill for 6 years. Plenty of such were floating around for years. Nowadays such tourneys are auto-deleted after several weeks. Actually I'm only surprised that I wasn't invited to this one in particular.

This one, from 2010, also started in 2016, and didn't even finish yet:
Relic: 9/16/2019 21:59:59

Level 60
I wish I was back around in WarLight in 2010...
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