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Deadly Trio: 9/2/2019 20:19:27

Level 40
Any tips for the single player level Deadly Trio? Have tried many times and failed.
Deadly Trio: 9/5/2019 15:56:35

Mark Jynx
Level 47
The best trio I've ever had was Scandinavia, West Russia and Central Russia.
On the first turn I got West Russia.
On the second turn I got Central Russia.
On the third turn I got Scandinavia.
On the fourth turn I got Caucasus.
I had 5 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 5 = 21 income after just four turns.
Deadly Trio: 9/6/2019 05:27:14

Level 46
Mark Jynx,

Pretty sure he is referring to this challenge level


Starting position has a huge influence on your team's chances of winning. Ideally, if you can grab the center tile (C7), or a tile that positions you to be near to one or both or your partners, makes the battle substantially easier.

Just make sure neither you nor your AI partners starts at IT7, not sure if its a design error or intentional, but that tile starts with 2 armies instead of 20 like the rest giving the player there a major disadvantage.

In summary, look at your AI companions 1st and 2nd choices are and pick the tile that you feel would let you best support them. Be prepared that if you choose the center, you have a 1/5 chance (in my experience) of getting it.
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