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Overlapping bonus colours: 9/1/2019 16:16:10

Gaius Marius
Level 24

I have a large bonus that consists of many smaller bonuses, the problem is that the colours of the borders are that of the large bonus and not the small ones. They are therefore all the same colour. How do I make it so that the border colour is chosen from the other bonuses?

Overlapping bonus colours: 9/1/2019 16:52:41

Level 55
Create the smaller bonuses after the larger. Borders take on color of last made bonus
Overlapping bonus colours: 9/1/2019 17:21:31

Level 63
Make sure the borders are not physically on top of each other if they are in different bonuses. No need to delete bonuses either. Just unassign and reassign them.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3