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Single Player Level: Team Work: 8/28/2019 19:40:38

Level 33
How do you get your team AI to move his big armies from Egypt to the west to engage in the battle with them?
I'm not managing to hold Spain long enough until he is finally moving.

Map screenshot at beginning: https://pasteboard.co/IuPnrWz.jpg
Information on the Level:
Template Used: Custom
Highlighted Settings
Map: New Gameplay Europe
View Map
Teams: Manual teams
Initial Territory Distribution
Automatic or Manual distribution: Automatic
Territory limit per player: 1
Distribution mode: Custom Scenario
Cards: No Cards
Fog: Light Fog
Commanders: Off
One Army Must Stand Guard: On
Multi-attack: Off
Move order: Cycle
Base armies per turn: 5
Extra armies for territories: None
Army cap: Off
Luck Modifier: 0%
Rounding mode: Straight round
Offensive kill rate: 60% (standard)
Defensive kill rate: 70% (standard)
Can attack by percentage: No
Can transfer-only: No
Can attack-only: No
Local deployments: No
No-Split Mode: No
Overridden Bonuses:
"KS Madrid" is worth 5 instead of 3
"NA Cyrenaice" is worth 5 instead of 1
"NA Tunesia" is worth 5 instead of 2
"IR Rome" is worth 5 instead of 3
Commerce: No
Mods None
Single Player Level: Team Work: 8/28/2019 20:00:12

Level 33
just got lucky - this time my teammate AI did the right thing and I managed to survive in Spain.
Seems it helps to post here for help :)
Single Player Level: Team Work: 8/30/2019 09:19:00

Level 46
The AI wont move troops if they stand next to a neutral unless an enemy comes along
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