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warlight man. song parody by PSY gentleman.: 4/15/2014 11:15:24

Level 35
And we came to warlight to have fun now.
Not to go shopping now hey that's boring.
I really want to play warlight now!
We are crazy about warlight now.
This not boring its fun now!
We want to be level 55 now man.
Just let me win the game now!
And we play with our friends now!
We are insane now!

We hate candy crush saga so we need some thing new now...
how about warlight!
Now we don't want to go to the gym that's also boring!
How bout' we play warlight !
I really fe-e-e-el go-od now !( repeat 3 times )
I attack my teammate!

Then we play warlight now!
Leader , teammate , warlight man!
We want to...
play warlight.
Leader , teammate , warlight man!
Now we want to...
play warlight no-w!
I attack my teammate...
then he attacks me back!
Woah ! That was crazy now , that's I like about warlight now!
and we have some dinner!
I want to eat quickly so I can play War- light again now !
Oops! I lost a game now what should I do now?

Now we feel good to play warlight again now!
Then we have a party!
Pa-arty! ( repeat 5 times )
I want to win it
I want to w-i-i-n-n-n!
Leader , teammate , warlight man!

Leader , Teammate , warlight man!
Leader , Teammate , warlight man!

If you want more warlight song parodies chat on this fourm!
warlight man. song parody by PSY gentleman.: 4/15/2014 11:31:16

Level 35
this song is paroded by PSY gentleman
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