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{rp} is fighting for "democracy": 8/14/2019 23:05:42

Level 56
I made a new non competitive template that I want to test.
Feel free to join!


The king is powerless and others are trying to grab for power.
The different groups in the city are trying to become the ruling party.

In the beginning all but the guards (J) have representatives in the parliament (represented by AIs in a special area). Once one AI won the fight in the area the allied human player will get one point. A human wins the game, once he reaches 2 points.
The guards will win the game (together with the other winner), if no human player was eliminated from the game before the final "election" took place. (AI wins a second time for its ally.)

The special parties are the academics (A), the workers (B), the clerics (C) and the guards (J).
A, B and C will have to guard the "parliament" (aka "fighting pit") and clear it up again after the AIs finished the fighting. (They are not allowed to use these units for other purposes).
They will then gift the townhall to the human ally of the winner until the next "election" took place.

Important! You should support your AI via airlifts and should not let it die completely. (All have a save spot for their AI in their starting area. Bonusses for these areas have been removed so the AI should stay there to be gifted new territories in the fighting area again.)

Slot A: Workers
Slot B: Academics
Slot C: Clerics
Slot D:
Slot E:
Slot F:
Slot G:
Slot H:
Slot I:
Slot J: Guards
{rp} is fighting for "democracy": 8/19/2019 20:08:09

Level 56
Another game has been created... but... I wanted to ask if this really is the right spot to post such things...
Should I post game invitations in General Forum next time?

new game:
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