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Small Earth QM time settings: 8/14/2019 04:04:38

Level 62
When I joined warzone small earth was 3 minutes plus 5 minutes banked and the auto-generated RT small earth coin games still use this settings.

The time setting is now 1 minute + 2 minutes banked. In certain game scenarios, this just isn't enough time for optimal play. For example if there are multiple contested continents where a player must deal with many territories at once. I've had a few games that once in the turn 25-30 range me and my opinion were only partially implementing our orders, because the time just wasn't sufficient to do all the necessary operations.

I understand the desire to have faster games, especially on one of the games simplest formats. In my experience the most frustrating part of long times is if your opponent walks away and boots you have to wait a full 8 minutes.

I think I have a solution that would work best for all: 3 minutes no banked time. 3 minutes is ample time to make all operations on a small earth game. It also maintains 3 minutes of waiting for "my opponent walks away from their computer and boots."
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