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Join the real-time ladder: 8/13/2019 04:13:57

Common Man
Level 60
Join the real-time ladder

The real time ladder is one of the best options on this platform to meet new opponents, potential ladder teammates, join games without waiting, and compete without committing to multi-day games.

If a few players join regularly, more and more players will follow along and it could become an active ladder.

So I encourage you to get in the habit of joining when you log on.
Join the real-time ladder: 8/13/2019 05:14:19

Level 63
The problem with it is that it’s dead due to people disliking the templates without a way to veto templates.
Join the real-time ladder: 8/13/2019 07:11:23

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Play RT QM
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