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Single Player Level: Survival Strategy: 8/12/2019 08:56:37

Level 38
I'm stuck at this level: It tells me to survive until turn 16 - so my boss gets to strength 300, but by turn 12 the AI has normally taken over most income and crashes me. If I get at one point 20 income that's the max, but the AI has at that point already an income of 23 and much more space to expand where I can't bother him. So I'm just left with my boss and some random fields, but no income to win any space and increase my income. Any help is welcome as I tried several ideas, but it was always the same.
Below are all informations about the level:

Starting position: https://pasteboard.co/IskffSF.jpg
Template Used: Custom
Highlighted Settings
Map: Atlantis https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=51634
Teams: Free for all (no teams)
Initial Territory Distribution
Automatic or Manual distribution: Automatic
Territory limit per player: No Limit
Distribution mode: Custom Scenario
Reinforcement Card: In 5 pieces for 5 armies (minimum 1 piece per turn)
Number of card pieces you get per turn: 1
Maximum number of cards you can hold: 3
Visibility of opponent's playing cards: Hidden
Visibility of opponent's cards: Hidden
Fog: Normal Fog
Commanders: Off
One Army Must Stand Guard: Off
Multi-attack: Off
Move order: Cycle
Base armies per turn: 5
Extra armies for territories: None
Army cap: Off
Luck Modifier: 0%
Rounding mode: Straight round
Offensive kill rate: 60% (standard)
Defensive kill rate: 70% (standard)
Can attack by percentage: No
Can transfer-only: No
Can attack-only: No
Local deployments: No
No-Split Mode: No
Overridden Bonuses: None
Commerce: No
Single Player Level: Survival Strategy: 8/12/2019 10:10:03

Level 59
20 income against 23 AI income sounds like easy pickings to me...
Single Player Level: Survival Strategy: 8/12/2019 10:42:45

Level 38
Not if the AI has nearly from the start always more income - so it's accumulating on his side and he attacks me on minimum 3 places with around 20 and sometimes even with his boss
Single Player Level: Survival Strategy: 8/12/2019 11:17:24

Level 59
Congratulations! You won in 21 turns.

Your attempts: 1
Your wins: 1
Your fastest win: 21 turns

i guess you're not agressive enough. defend with minimal and counterattack late to take back territories from the AI to make it spread and easier to take out.
Single Player Level: Survival Strategy: 8/12/2019 12:07:45

Level 38
What do you consider minimum defence? 3 armies?
Single Player Level: Survival Strategy: 8/12/2019 12:39:11

Level 59
AI always attacks assuming you will not deploy. if you have 0 standing armies in a territory => attacks with 1 (unless it has a lot of spare armies), so if you can spare the armies defend with 2-3 and attack back late (after delays).
if you have 1 army standing AI will attack with 2 -> defend with 3 for a succesful counterattack. also AI tends to attack from every bordering territory if it can afford it, so calculate that in too.

hope this helps.
Single Player Level: Survival Strategy: 8/17/2019 02:24:06

Level 50
That level was tricky for me at first. What helped me was splitting my forces in 2 after reaching Amadeus III, one with the boss alone and 1 with my armies by themselves. I found that I sent the boss alone to LAL and the armies to MOZ, 70% of the time, the enemies boss would go to my armies and I could use my boss to burn my opponents armies while building a good enough income to overtake him. For the 30% of the time It backfired, I would either lose my boss (and accept defeat) or in rare cases, hold out long enough for the boss to powerup enough to take down the enemy boss
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