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Strategic 1v1 Improvement help!: 6/8/2012 10:51:47

Major Risk 
Level 51
Hi guys,
My skills seem to be lacking a lot on Medium Earth, more so than any other map really.
Could someone point out any mistakes i've made in the games below.
[Game 1](http://WarLight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=2771028)
[Game 2](http://WarLight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=2771241)

Game 1, I would have lost if it had been a better opponent and Game 2 was a really bad start for me, being taken completely out of East Asia, only just salvaging the game with a lucky 2 attack to West China.

What would you guys have done?
Also what would you chose as your picks? (I just go by the wastelands and expansion routes)

Much appreciated! :)
Strategic 1v1 Improvement help!: 6/8/2012 13:00:24

Level 58
Game 1:
- pick at least 6 spots to start, in case your opponent picks the same spots. (no problem this time, but you'll remember me once your 6th position turns out to be in a bonus full of wastelands)
- Ghana was a poor choice, it takes 3 turns to complete West Africa from there. Murmansk or Jessej would have been better (both complete in 2 turns)
- Asia was completely wasteland-free. Placing your 1st pick and only your 1st pick to Asia was not wise, you could be almost 100% sure your opponent would know your presence there.
- what were you planning to do in Hong Kong on your 1st turn? Don't waste your initial armies on bonuses other than those you started in, especially not if you aren't even sure where the other player started.

Game 2:
- again, poor picks in asia. Hong Kong had a much stronger position than Thailand. should have been 1 Hong Kong, 2 Philippines + maybe a 4th or 5th in the area, instead of only 3 Thailand, 4 Philippines.
- Turn 6: your order of moves was wrong, which cost you the game. The attacks on Pakistan and Xinjiang were the most important, you should have put all troops into them. Especially Xinjiang was crucial, because it shields your Caucasus from attacks and denies your opponent the Western China bonus. Instead you chose to concentrate on Pakistan and attack Xinjiang with only 4 armies, and not even with your last but with one of your first orders.
Generally, you should do things in the following order: a) move armies within your own territories, generate as many moves as possible b) start your attacks on the lesser important targets that you can afford to fail (in this case, greenland for example) c) delay your most important attacks as long as possible.
Unless, of course, you know an attack will certainly take place. In that case you might want to take that spot first with your order priority card and let your opponent run into you. But that wasn't the case here, you had the advantage, even though you lost your starting spot in India: You knew he started in West China, you knew he could be about to complete India, whereas he didn't know where to expect your next attack. You shouldn't have spent armies on expansion in Greenland, but instead you should've taken Xinjiang in numbers.
Strategic 1v1 Improvement help!: 6/8/2012 14:19:41

Major Risk 
Level 51
Thanks a lot Diabolicus, :D
In Game 2, he surrendered really early,if we'd have played on, who would have the better position? and what tactic would you use (Ruin his bonuses or defend or bit of both?
By the way, how do you judge your starting picks? Do you just look at the location of the wastelands?

Thanks again!
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