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Negative Sanctions Etiquitte: 6/7/2012 14:59:41

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Negative Sanctions increase armies, the opposite of normal sanctions, and should thus be played on teammates/allies, not on the enemy.

Negative Sanctions are apparent because under game settings it says it will reduce by a negative percentage, and in the cards window, the text underneath the card says you should play it on a teammate.

**An Example:** (Real Time Game that will be over soon)

**Given the above:**

What is the appropriate level of etiquitte in setting up and playing a game with this?

In the game link above, the Host Message clearly called out the negative sanctions, yet cards were still played on the opponent.

Should this have been chatted earlier to make sure they were aware?
Should we have told them after they did it to prevent a repeat?
Negative Sanctions Etiquitte: 6/7/2012 15:27:02

Level 53
you did the right thing any more information like chatting earlier and telling them would have been wasteful they needed to learn a lesson
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