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Monthly Template Circuit is live!: 8/4/2019 15:48:39

Level 60
Hey everyone,

As you may or may not know I have been working on a custom tournament/league CLOT/platform for some time now. A CLOT is a Custom Ladder or Tournament utilizing the warzone.com APIs engine that Fizzer has so nicely put together. Although CLOTs run separate from Warzone.com, all games created will be through the app (iPhone/Android) and the website https://warzone.com.

The first public league is now available, Monthly Template Circuit. Monthly Template Circuit is designed so that every month a new strategic template is chosen to pair players against. You will get a max of 2 games at a time, only on the template for the given month. When a new month starts the template will automatically switch to the next template and future games will be created on that. Although ratings/records will be kept, it is designed as more of a way to practice templates rather than competition. You can leave/join at any time. Anyone can join, but since it is a CLOT if you do not meet the requirements for a template you will see a message on the circuit page letting you know you will not get any games that month, sorry.

The link to the public one is here: http://wztourney.herokuapp.com/leagues/22/

Private MTC (Monthly Template Circuit) can be created for clan or internal use with a select group as well. You will need to invite players using the built in invitation system in order for them to join.

As always, the CLOT discord invite link is here: https://discord.gg/rpMe6MD. Please join if you want to be a part of the discussion for bugs/improvements and new ideas!


Monthly Template Circuit is live!: 8/4/2019 17:18:00

Not Tito
Level 58
Good stuff B!

edit: as I was writing this reply, it came to my mind that I actually feel like i'm in Gossip Girl whenever i'm talking to B

Edited 8/4/2019 17:18:34
Monthly Template Circuit is live!: 8/5/2019 00:55:47

Level 61
cool to see more people putting the CLOT to good use!
hope those clans use it wisely.
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