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Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 7/31/2019 02:56:49

Level 63

Warzone Creator

Every week we vote on 5 maps, and the map with the most votes becomes the map of the week for the following week.

Go here to vote: https://www.Warzone.com/MapOfTheWeek/View?Week=236

You can use this thread to discuss the current vote. Tell us why you voted the way you did!
Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 7/31/2019 13:02:29

Level 44
Thanks for voting for my map last week, everyone who voted for it. I dedicate the winning map to Mr. "THANOS".
Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 7/31/2019 21:13:32

{101st} Syphen
Level 60
Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 8/1/2019 04:17:59

Emperor Justinian
Level 53
Huge Middle Earth has a very nice style to it
Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 8/3/2019 10:57:02

Level 61
Map of the week: Meaning of "disrespectful".
Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 8/3/2019 20:15:28

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Battle Islands VI: It's a NinjaNic map, so obviously it's good, but.....it's boring. I love my man Nic, but there's just nothing unique or special about this map. So the fact that it's easily the second best map of the 5 shows how broken the system is. We don't get to vote for good maps anymore.

Italian Maritime Republics: I'm sorry, but this map is awful. The bonuses overlap, the borders are ugly, even the edges of the map are jagged and uneven. I couldn't do that if I tried. Also, it's kind of weird looking and strategically retarded that Corsica and Sardinia don't connect, and equally as weird and retarded that Sardinia and Sicily don't connect.

Huge Middle Earth: This is the map that has my vote simply due to the work that was put into it and the fact that people have been asking for this for forever. Still, it has many flaws. As with Battle Islands VI, it suffers from not being unique at all. That said, it's still the best Middle Earth map I've seen thus far. So maybe not unique, but it is the best. A couple other issues I have with it are that it's boring. No bonus colors, bonuses overlap, and no blue water. That's really it though. Not a great map but it's pretty good.

Italy: I wonder how Italians feel knowing that this map will forever and always hold the official name of Italy, because this map is just shit. The borders are shit. The bonus-to-territory ratio is shit. The water connection lines are shit. The lack of a background is shit. Also, apparently the mapmaker didn't know how to unionize, because there's several free-floating islands that aren't a part of any territory.

Istanbul (Turkey): oof ouch owie my eyes. The creator of this map took my advice about not having a boring background way too seriously. The colors are just awful. The superbonuses are super unnecessary. The enlarged map to the south is confusing at first, not to mention completely unnecessary; the center points of said territories are all up north on the mainland, not in the enlarged map to the south. It's stupid and it makes no sense.

Look, I don't want to overestimate my mapmaking ability--I'm no Lionheart--but I am decent. I and many other mapmakers have made maps that, while not necessarily great, are a hell of a lot better than most of the maps here. Maps that have run and lost against better maps in previous weeks. That's fine. said maps deserved to win since they were truly better.

But now, those maps that lost can never, ever run again, even though they were a hundred times better than the maps we're getting today. 2 years ago, a map like Italy would never even be considered for MotW. But now not only is it running, it's being taken seriously.

Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 8/3/2019 21:21:01

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 63
I checked the recent map of the week winners and they all were more or less decent and fun maps. If a really good map is made right now, it's almost guaranteed that it will be nominated and win, so it acts as a motivational force to motivate mapmaker community to produce better maps. On top of that there are some members who treat nomination process like a joke and intentionally nominate weak maps. There are also people who might really like those nominated maps and you're just not capable to understand them properly. The current nomination system has an added bonus of making different maps appear each time, which forces less known maps to get more visibility and garner new fans. As a member I have checked available map list and there are still many good maps left.

Good map are still taken seriously, just because someone named a map you don't like in this thread, it does not mean that the silent majority suddenly supports that specific named map. Some map might be seriously considered, because not of how good it is, but rather by whether person lives there or likes the source material. Someone living in Italy or Turkey might vote for respective map regardless of how good it is and fans of fantasy, might vote for middle Earth map even if it was in a much worse condition. Raw map quality is not the only thing which makes a map liked by others.

Battle Islands is a good map, your view of map quality is overall elitist and has very high standards.

The current map of the week system is fine. If you really want to "fix" it, you should either make more high quality maps or purchase a membership and start nominating maps yourself.

Edited 8/3/2019 21:23:40
Map of the week discussion: Week 236: 8/15/2019 20:51:41

Level 54
Wow 80 votes! I never thought my map would be this popular. Honestly after I finished the map I thought it was shit. But after two months or so I decided to publish it anyways. I has too many issues with the map size (MB wise)
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